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Maureen & Chad

Masai Mara, Kenya

Safari wedding

Wild at heart

Bringing a touch of glamour on a wild safari in Kenya to celebrate love.

Maureen and Chad used this symbolic manner of celebrating their marriage in a unique, beautiful way amongst one of the most stunning places on earth.

Our African wedding photos captured our love affair with foreign countries, and allow us to remember our beginning as man and wife. – Maureen and Chad

"Our love for each other is obsessive and consuming; our wedding day and honeymoon was a beautiful, yet simple, representation of us.”

Our days were simple: we spent the early mornings leisurely driving through the tall dew-drenched grasses admiring the sunrise and the stillness, and long afternoons under the African sun eagerly searching for wild animals.

"The nights were filled with African dancing, plenty of laughter and storytelling by the fire."
This adventure took place in the Maasi Mara, Africa.
Maureen and Chad’s wedding in Kenya was featured on Green Wedding Shoes and Fly Away Bride.

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