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Sirena & Eric

Lofoten, Norway


Paradise in the Arctic

Lofoten is one of the world’s most incredible archipelagos, with a string of islands so beautiful it’s surreal.

The village of Svolvær, with its serene nature and seclusion, made for a magical backdrop to host the story of Sirena and Eric.

We felt taunted by the beautiful photos of northern Norway, and specifically by the unique landscape of the Lofoten Islands. – Sirena and Eric

"The day of our wedding really felt like heaven on earth."
“We didn’t actually choose Svolvær. It chose us.”
"The light was stunning and so was the ever-changing landscape of the Lofoten Islands."
"We traveled to Norway and fell in love with the country."

Sirena and Eric’s wedding is featured on Huffington Post, Brides Without Borders, and NRK