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Sweden Couple Photography // Sara & Lars

January 7, 2011

Skärso is an old fishing harbour located near the town of Söderhamn in a central region in Sweden called Hälsingland.

Lars and Sara are from this small region, and they worked together at a fish restaurant in Skärso (that’s where they met).

Lars has created a lot of buzz in his region for both his incredible mustache and fearless sweater – both of which were greatly appreciated for this couple session.

We’ll be doing another session – hopefully – in the same region during the Spring in May. Sans snow.

Sara and Lars winter engagement session was featured on Pretty Chic Blog.


By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Caroline Ghetes

    Goodness, I love these! What a stylish couple and your photographs are simply stunning!

  2. gabe aceves

    mustaches and christmas sweaters FTW. you guys are awesome as usual.

  3. Johan

    Great pictures. Great mustache. More from Sweden please =)

  4. Girish

    They got some nerves to go out and click in that cold ! Well done. Great shots.

  5. Jennifer

    Oooh, enjoyed the field trip! They look so toasty and relaxed despite the snowdrifts. Wonderful!

  6. Kyle hale

    beautiful session. makes me really miss Sweden

  7. Eric Yerke

    I love the vibes going on with this. Definitely watching out for the Nordica crew in 2011.

  8. Daniel

    Looks cold, but they look comfortable. Great session.

  9. shipra

    mmm, all that frosty goodness makes such a wonderful backdrop. That last one is awesome. It's like they're on the top of the world.

  10. Leo Druker

    Beautiful work! I love all of the different angles and that last shot is simply perfect.

  11. Lisa Novakowski

    Gorgeous session... she is beautiful and you're right, his moustache is killer :)

  12. Marianne Wilson

    Woah! What a cool session. They look so happy and comfortable and the reds against the white are really stunning. great work.

  13. Alan Hutchison

    Now THAT is a sweater! Cool location as well if you pardon the pun LOL

  14. stacey

    beautiful couple! I really love your processing.

  15. nadine austin

    What a beautiful winter couple!

  16. Joshua Gull

    Stop being so damn good you guys! I love snow shots. This is some incredible work.

  17. Albert Palmer

    You guys, love your work! Jaw droppingly awesome in every way.

  18. Matthew Evans

    LOVE the TS kiss in front of the window!

  19. fotograf lublin

    Fantastic set!!

  20. Tenielle

    Fearless sweater and incredible mustache, I'd say that's a fearless mustache and incredible sweater ;) You guys have amazing locations, people, perspectives. As always, I find something incredibly unique on your blog!

  21. Leah Muse

    Awesome, as always. The shot of the guy through the woman's arms is wonderfullll!

  22. Heather

    LOVE that shot of the kiss in front of the window. Well done!

  23. Becca Dilley

    Oh my goodness, so adorable but also a little rock'n - I didn't think that could happen with a winter sweater session, but you totally did it!

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