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Sweden Wedding Photographer // Emma & Rikard

June 19, 2012

Emma is a wedding photographer from Sweden. She lives together with Rikard in Stockholm, but since they have family all over Sweden, they decided to do a destination wedding of sorts and gathered family and friends in Österlen, in the southern Swedish region of Skåne, to celebrate their marriage.

More to come soon.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Raul P. Pellicer

    Beautiful!! Good Job.

  2. Tyler

    man i love your guys' work

  3. Andy gaines

    Love the portraits - sublime work as ever!

  4. Derek Martinez

    Phenomenal work! The shot of her painting her fingernails and the two portraits are incredible!!

  5. mike

    Good light, good work.

  6. Alyssa Schroeder

    I'm just in love with the beauty of that second image, the light, frame and everything is just stunning. What a ceremony location too!

  7. Kim

    Seriously SO amazing. You guys blow me away every time.

  8. Sam

    Wonderful sneekpeak, looking forward to seeing the rest.

  9. alyda

    this makes me even more excited to see Sweden! the image of the couple on the hill = killer! x

  10. caroline

    y'all are CRAZY. that second image down = one of my new favorite images ever.

  11. Kelsie Taylor

    these are stunning! that second photo is magical.

  12. Brennan McKissick

    Love your use of negative space, fantastic work as always

  13. Heather K

    Oh, how I adore that first black and white. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  14. Tenielle

    What a celebration. What a selection of frames. Killer guys.

  15. Sam

    Wow, this is going to be an epice post. I am getting so excited and cannot wait. I love that portrait of them far away.

  16. Drew W

    This leaves me wanting too much more. Like I wish I was there.

  17. Leah Muse

    Gosh.. the woman in the window. Bestill my heart.

  18. Paul Krol

    man, you guys continually impress. Images are killer!

  19. Paweł Janaszkiewicz

    Beautiful pictures.

  20. gabe aceves

    unbelievable gentlemen.

  21. David

    You guys kill it every time.

  22. Blake Burton

    dang, so much awesome...cant wait for more!

  23. olivia leigh

    lovely, guys.

  24. Joel C Adelaide

    Beautiful photos with distinct look, well done champ

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