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Sweden Wedding Photographer

Sweden Wedding Photography

So you’ve searched online for a wedding photographer in Sweden, and here you are at our site.

The first thing that we want you to know about us is yes, we definitely photograph weddings in Sweden.


We are two guys – Jakob and Cole – who focus on wedding photography in the Nordic region. Jakob, who speaks Swedish fluently, comes from Finland and Cole is Canadian. We met in Sweden a few years ago, and started Nordica in 2009.

Destination Wedding Sweden

For weddings in Sweden, we recommend you CONTACT US and share more about your wedding. If you are getting married in Sweden, we want to hear from you and we can go over more specifics then.

How To Book

If you’re interested in hiring us, the first thing we do is setup a time for a Skype chat (assuming we’re not in the same town). We always want to get to know you first, and make sure we’re a good fit to be your wedding photographers.

So if you’re planning a wedding for Sweden and are looking for a photographer still, we’d love to hear from you!


Cole & Jakob

Sweden Wedding Photographer