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Bröllopsfotograf i Sverige // Swedish Royal Wedding

June 16, 2010

En stor dag är ju som bekant pÃ¥ inkommande i Sverige. 19:e juni. Kungligt bröllop. Det blir inte sÃ¥ mycket större. Vi skulle offra vÃ¥ra högra ben för att fÃ¥ dokumentera bröllopet med vÃ¥ra kameror, men det fÃ¥r bli nästa gÃ¥ng. Madde kanske… 🙂

Men om du och din partner ska gifta gifta er, eller nÃ¥gon annan du känner, sÃ¥ finns möjligheten att boka oss senare i Ã¥r. Nordica kommer att spendera jul- och nyÃ¥rshelgen i Sverige (och Finland) och skulle mer än gärna fota nÃ¥gra härliga vinterbröllop under de veckor vi är “hemma”.

SÃ¥ om ni planerar att säga ja i december eller januari och inte bokat bröllopsfotograf ännu – skicka ett mejl! Vi vill jättegärna höra frÃ¥n er och diskutera eventuella fotomöjligheter.


This weekend, Sweden will essentially come to a standstill as the Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria will marry a gym owner named Daniel Westling.

Let’s just be completely honest here: Mr Westling is possibly the luckiest guy alive. He comes from a small place in Sweden called Ockelbo and had a standard, or lagom, kind of upbringing.

Truthfully, he’s just another good looking Swede who was in the right place at the right time, and there you go, he met the King’s daughter and is now marrying her.

So, congrats Daniel – you’re living an envious life.

We’re bringing this up because we’d kill to photograph a royal wedding. And this one in particular because it’s in a city that feels like home to us.

But, if you’re in Sweden (or any of the Nordic countries) and plan on getting married in either December or January, we are available to photograph your wedding. Like we did last year, we will be in the Nordic region celebrating the holidays.

So, keep us in mind if you haven’t already booked someone! And if you’re in Canada and want to see one gorgeous aristocrat, check out Victoria’s wedding this weekend!

Here’s a photo from a previous Nordica wedding in Stockholm, Sweden:

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Girish

    Nice. King's daughter :) Looking forward.

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