icelandic wedding pictures

July 25, 2011

Iceland Wedding Photography // Annika & Doug

We've put brides and grooms in a lot of odd spots for portraits. Allies that smelled like they had dead bodies laying around, precarious cliffs with unsure footing, beside glaciers, the middle of deserts, fields full of animals, a pot field, and on and on. When we took Annika and Doug away for their portraits at 1AM during a rainstorm in Iceland, that situation really took the cake.

July 20, 2011

Reykjavik Engagement Photography

"Meet us at 9.30PM in front of Hallgrímskirkja. Show up and we'll take care of everything from there." That was how we planned to meet them for the first time. We had heard their voice over Skype, friended them on Facebook, and exchanged a lot of emails, but meeting the couple who's wedding we'd photograph a few days later for the first time this way - in Iceland a few days before their wedding - was...different. So, they arrived on time and we got right at it. Their engagement session in Reykjavik.