May 14, 2013

Document You // Leah & MacKenzie

MacKenzie built a cabin in the Rocky Mountains and that's where he explores the area on quads with his fiance Leah. That's how we spent the evening for their Document You session.

March 11, 2013

Bali Wedding Photographer // Abby & Albert

Exploring the rice terraces of Ubud and the beaches of Seminyak during a Document You session with Abby and Albert in Bali, Indonesia.

February 4, 2013

Document You // Lisa & Ryan

An evening sail through Vancouver's Burrard Inlet. Lisa and Ryan's Document You session revolved around Ryan's grandfather's sailboat.

November 19, 2012

Iceland Photography // Caroline & Ben

Horses, waterfalls and black beaches. This Document You session was along southern Iceland's Ring Road.

May 21, 2012

Document You // Sarah & Rich

Prior to their destination elopement wedding in Tofino, Vancouver Island, Sarah and Rich had a story to share with us about their connection to Tim Hortons. In case you're unfamiliar with Tim Hortons, it's a coffee shop that can be found across the country and is a staple of Canadian culture. Ask anyone in Canada about Tim Hortons and they'll know it has great coffee, donuts and was started by a hockey player.

May 14, 2012

Document You // Katie & Andy

During Document You sessions, good things happen when we get invited into the lives of couples, and share a story of what it is they do. Katie and Andy have a son and spending time outdoors with him on Katie's parents farm is an awesome day in their world. Add walking their dog along the nearby dyke into the mix, and bam - this is their family in its essence. So photographing them at the farm on Westham Island, which is also where they will get married later this year, is as real as it gets.

April 11, 2012

Document You // Hahn & John

Hosting a forest wedding makes sense if you're into forests and nature. Or a mountain wedding. Or a beach wedding. Or a bingo-hall wedding (if bingo is your thing). If it makes sense and it fits, you could really have a wedding almost anywhere. As long as it's non-contrived.

December 19, 2011

Document You // Stephanie & Walter

"Our vision is to make cancer treatments available to everyone across Canada, regardless of age and income." That is the statement you'll see when you read about Thrive Alive, a foundation that Stephanie and Walter started in 2009. Their passion in life is to make the lives of those effected by cancer more positive, and most of their focus in life is the betterment of others. Their story is very inspiring.
ranch wedding

October 3, 2011

Document You // Amber & Bryan

Up until now we've been offering engagement sessions as a part of our wedding photography packages. Engagement sessions are very popular in Vancouver, as well as pretty much anywhere in North America, and the idea is to get photos done together before you're getting married. That's all fine and dandy, and we dig the idea of doing a photo shoot before the wedding. It's an awesome way for us to get to know couples and it's a great way for couples to get an additional set of photos, as well as to get comfortable with us. Win-win-win.