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Vogue Theatre Vancouver // Hannah & Mike

February 28, 2011

The Vogue Theatre is the best venue in Vancouver for concerts. Period. The end.

Mumford and Sons went as far as saying it’s the best venue they’ve ever played. There’s a picture hanging on the wall when you enter the venue to prove it.

So, needless to say, the place is absolutely dope. And to be the first wedding photographers to do an engagement session there was pretty cool.

We were given á la carte access to the entire venue. Backstage changing rooms, the stage, the seating, the film room and – best of all – the wicked stage lighting.

And we had perfect couple to do it with.

Hannah and Mike are getting married the beginning of March. We’re stoked to be there for it.

Hannah and Mike’s Vogue Theatre session was featured on Junebug Weddings.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Nessa K

    This sessions is perfect. Beautiful photographs, gorgeous couple, lovely location.

  2. Daniel

    UGh so jelous you have the hook up with a theatre thats awesome! you do such amazing work! these are beautiful.

  3. Jeremy

    Awesome photos! I love that venue. Makes me want to try for a theater I have connections with locally. Just have to find the right couple! Great job!

  4. Leah Muse

    These are incredible. Your lighting is wonderful and you are so creative in every shot. Love!

  5. Kristi Wright

    Oh my gosh these are just fabulous! The shot in the projector room with them almost kissing in silhouette is amazing!!

  6. Sam Le

    Such an amazing session and venue. I love the shot of the guy cleaning the stage. The lighting is just to die for.

  7. Janis

    This is such a lovely engagement session. So classic. Beautiful shots, especially the ones in the theatre seats.

  8. Brian Davis

    Raising the bar on engagement sessions...simply stunning.

  9. sonya at zenobia studios

    What an incredible idea!!! I am so in love with the shots from the stage and the ones of them with the seats. BEAUTIFUL!

  10. sonya at zenobia studios

    This is such an incredible location idea!!! LOVE IT!!! <3

  11. Kat Forsyth

    Oh man, what a perfect venue! Amazing lights and backdrops...great job you did here.

  12. Masey

    Wow... I mean... WOW.

  13. April

    one of the best you've done!

  14. Luis Godinez

    Wow!! It's ridiculous how awesome each photo just gets better and better.

  15. Lindsay Taryn

    UN. REAL. seriously guys, you killed it and then some. i was going to comment on how much i loved the shots of the guy mopping the stage, but then the shots just kept getting better and better. you are so damn talented!

  16. Andreas Holm

    wow! fantastic!!

  17. Eric Yerke

    Holy sheeeeesh

  18. Tyler

    Img. 21 is the one. Super good!

  19. Juan Rojo

    I literally can't pick a favorite one from the set. How did you get access to such an awesome location?

  20. john p

    I saw these earlier today ... what was I doing ... can't remember but I thought at the time wow, these are so cool ... uber awesomeness and then look ... it's you. I'm not surprised ... just in awe.

  21. Caroline Ghetes

    This is insane. You are so good! Loved every single one. I've seen theatre sessions done before, but not nearly like this. It's very fresh and unique!

  22. Hilary Mercerm

    Wow! I absolutely love all of the black and whites. What a unique spot for a session!

  23. Sally Watts

    Only Nordica could shoot Mopping Dude so artfully that I cannot stop looking back at him again and again. The couple is so gorgeous. What a perfect location for their engagement session. I particularly love the black and white of them looking at the stage. Great shadows and lighting and noir moodiness...just perfect.

  24. Keao

    So dramatic. You really commanded the lighting in that huge venue. I love the ones of them on the stage with the lights behind them. Not everyone will ever have their chance to be on a stage like that.

  25. Nikole

    I'm love with that first set of black & whites. You did such an incredible job.

  26. Magan Blasig

    I'm just SPEECHLESS. I have no idea what to say. These are abso-freakin-lutely phenomenal. Brilliant!

  27. Nora

    What an awesome session! Love them all.

  28. Girish

    This is fabulous. What a superb place for a shoot. Beautiful lights couldn't be better. Nice shots of the props around. Really well done.

  29. Eric Kotara

    Guys, this set is just outstanding. You have mixed some dramatic light with some soft vintage processing to make a look for this couple and venue that can't be done better. Bravo!!!

  30. otto

    just LOVE the feeling this whole shoot has...right on!

  31. Amanda Basteen

    Gorgeous. The last shot is wow!

  32. Fer Juaristi

    Killer sessions bro!

  33. Kim Selby

    Just breathtaking. So beautiful in every way.

  34. Mayo

    this is stunning! How much is it to do an engagement photo session with you two?

  35. jill

    DUDE!! these are epic. nothing short of epic. the mood and feel is incredible.

  36. Nirav

    This set blows my mind. Awesome work guys!

  37. Sue Shoub

    Wow Guys, You did and incredible job! Thank-you so much for beautifully preserving the memories of that very special day. This presentation is a joy for us to share. You did an outstanding job! Indeed it is the gift that keeps on giving!!!!Can't Thank-you enough. Sue Shoub (mother of the bride)

  38. Heather

    These are stellar- the dramatic lighting is spot-on.

  39. Salwa

    I am blown away!! This shoot is freaking fantastic-amazing-wonderful. Gorgeous couple too, they must have been thrilled!

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