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Therese & Cole

April 21, 2011

As you may have figured out (at least if you’ve met us), this is one half of the Nordica machine – Cole – and his gorgeous girlfriend Therese, photographed by the other half of Nordica.

Yeah, I know, right. How did he score her…

(Kidding, bud.)

I actually met Therese Рwho is now also our magnificent Nordica accountant Рa few years before Cole did. We did the same business program at Ume̴ University in Sweden, already back in 2003. Cole joined us a couple of years later and they pretty much hit it off right away.

This shoot was a long overdue couple session I promised to do already months ago. Wonder how long it’ll be until I’ll be taking pics of her in white and him in black…

(Kidding again, man. No pressure.)



By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. lena

    Min älskade dotter.. ni är så himla fina på bilderna. Jag blir rörd ända in i hjärteroten när jag ser den ena bilden efter den andra. Vilket kanonjobb du gjort Jakob som lyckats med att få Cole på den här sidan lincen... Saknar er så men snart ses vi.. Kram till er alla ..

  2. Barry Duncan

    Nice work Jakob... great pictures of a great couple!

  3. Amber Hughes

    Aww... looking good guys! Love these! :)

  4. Lara Eichhorn

    Awesome work, Jakob. I love your use of shadow.

  5. Francis Joseph

    These are wonderfully beautiful!

  6. Nessa K

    Seriously, they're crazy good looking. =) It's nice to see the other half!

  7. Janis

    Beautiful. Therese is a babe!

  8. Avelaine Scyrup

    Hopefully you won't get any more questions about being "together" haha! She IS gorgeous!

  9. ayeshasa

    goodness they're dashing! it's nice to see nordica shot nordica style :) a beautiful set as always, but particularly romantic. love it!

  10. Deepa

    Lovely couple ! Great pictures !

  11. Arturo

    Totally love them!!! great job!!!

  12. Jean

    Seriously amazing...#5 is insane!

  13. Michael Wachniak

    These are so great! Awesome session and to be honest, until now I didn't even realize there WAS a 5am! :) You guys look fantastic!

  14. Joshua Gull

    Killing it as per the usual Jakob, and nice job Cole. ;) #5 and #10 especially need to go on some canvas.

  15. Cathy

    I love the set taken in the dark with the bits of warm light shining in on them. Gorgeous!

  16. Hannah

    Love them.

  17. Alyda

    Awweesssoommmeee images Jacob (who should change his name to Viking!). C & T = hawt!

  18. todd hunter mcgaw

    hahahahahahaha! i laughed out loud! excellent pics + words jakob..

  19. Karen

    These are awesome!! :) Gorgeous shots!

  20. Chris Murray

    Nice work Jakob! Beautiful photos, and a good lookin couple :)

  21. Jessie Cadenas

    Your use of shadow and light is amazing. Beautiful images.

  22. otto


  23. Will Kim

    just amazing.

  24. Jakub Majewski

    Beautiful pictures and amazing light. Therese & Cole looks beautiful. Great job!!!

  25. Paul Nguyen

    Great use of colours! Great couple! Great photos!

  26. Tab McCausland

    Really great use of light! Great job :)

  27. Becca Dilley

    These are totally hot, but also amazing and very thoughtful light. Great job.

  28. Josh

    I love everything you guys do!

  29. Paul Von Rieter

    Cole! you sly dog you! You guys look fantastic.

  30. gabe aceves

    unreal guys. these are beautiful. and cole models like a pro :)

  31. Natalie Champa Jennings

    Really love these! Lovely glad I found your blog! Inspiring :)

  32. Leah Muse


  33. luis godinez

    cole is one lucky man. amazing photos.

  34. april

    Our future grandchildren will be as good looking as these two are. Nice work Jakob !

  35. april

    beautiful. nice work Jakob !

  36. Emil

    Love your use of negative space! Great work!

  37. nadine

    beautiful work, lovely.

  38. Chema Naranjo

    I love your work, the key light in which work and image processing especially at night. Chema

  39. Ryan Brenizer

    Fantastic photos and she is GORGEOUS. Good job, Cole! Photographers tend to marry up… trust me, I know.

  40. Andy Moss

    Lovely images. What a wonderful location. I like the shadow of the tree on the concrete in the first image.

  41. Mark Kalkwarf

    Most photographers only focus on the subject and neglect the surrounding elements. It is amazing to see work that uses every avaialble element (light, shadows, composition, etc) to make a photograph. Photographers take pictures and Artists make photographs - You my friend are an artist.

  42. Carina

    Oh vad fina ni är!!

  43. Carina

    Snyggt jobb Jakob!

  44. Dani K.

    Awww, you lucky guy, Cole!

  45. Branden Harvey

    Well done.

  46. fer juaristi

    dude, congrats on your engagement. the best for both.

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