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August 8, 2011
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We’ve had a whirlwind couple of months. Which isn’t that surprising, it is the high season after all.

What has really struck us lately, though, is the kaleidoscope of cultures we’ve been exposed to.

Serbians drinking plum moonshine, Henna ceremonies, Celtic acoustics courtesy of a Gaelic speaking groom, Icelanders getting married beside glaciers, Iranians marrying Canadians, Sikhs recreating Bollywood movies, same-sex elopements in shady allies and Americans getting married in a Mexican jungle.

If one thing is for certain, fans of multiculturalism would enjoy their lives as wedding photographers. We definitely are.

So, we’re about mid-way through the madness of summer with a few dozen more weddings upcoming, and 2012 starting to fill up with both local and international weddings. We’re not sure what cultures are going to come our way next, but we’re up for anything.

We feel pretty fortunate having the chance to learn more about global wedding traditions while at work.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Paul Rowland

    That is a plethora of awesomenes - it represents your style and vision well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Amber Hughes

    These are all amazing guys - seriously, fantastic work! :)

  3. Mike F

    Very cool! Congrats on the success! Keep it up!

  4. Drew W

    You guys make gold, every single wedding. I love how much different every one of your clients' weddings are and how well you guys capture each one. Keep up the awesomeness!

  5. Marilyn

    You are so talented! Your photos are breathtaking pieces of art and capture the moment perfectly! I wish I could afford one of them...but unfortunately I can't . Just continue doing your art and follow your dream!

  6. Dan O'Day

    beautiful images, best of luck in the coming season, cant wait to see what you guys come up with :)

  7. Jayce Van Der Linden

    wow - i am totally in love with photo of the old man. Stunning

  8. Kellee Walsh

    Wow, what a brilliant set of images. You guys get me every time!

  9. Anushe Low

    Guys, these are beautiful, love the way you see.

  10. Brian Davis

    These are freakin awesome. You guys continuously amaze me.

  11. Ed Peers

    So frickin' good fellas. So good.

  12. brooke

    good lord. you guys see things in a truly amazing way. the photo from above with the smoke and fire is maybe my favorite photo I've seen all year - incredible work!

  13. Blake Burton

    damn, you guys just kill it every freaking time!

  14. Ryan Chan

    So damn wonderful! You're too good! LOVE LOVE LOVE #10!

  15. John

    Wow! Some beautiful and super creative work. Well done.

  16. Kat Forsyth

    Those are some epic shots. You do some amazing composition and... I don't know, awesomeness.

  17. Heather J.

    Seriously amazing. Some of these look more like paintings than photographs. Stunning.

  18. tobiah tayo

    woah ! woah ! woah ! you never ever cease to amaze me

  19. Leo Druker

    Incredible work, guys. Love the variety of cultures and styles you've posted and can't wait to see the rest - rock on.

  20. Tyler

    it's so good it hurts. love your work.

  21. soobum im

    Unique photos. Love them !

  22. Heather

    These are GREAT. I absolutely love the shot of the guy dancing.

  23. sam hurd

    uuuuh, yeah. not even sure what i can really say. A+

  24. john benavente

    show us more!

  25. hilary wardhaugh

    I just came across your website and I love your vision- inspiring!

  26. Darin Collison

    ... Words failed me. Wow.

  27. Ryan Brenizer

    Fantastic compositions as always. That incense shot is insane.

  28. gabe aceves

    this whole thing is out of control good. you two are amazing.

  29. fran

    always love looking at your work ... breathtaking!

  30. Fotografia ślubna Lublin

    Wow! Awesome images!

  31. tim riddick

    wow. this is dope

  32. Josh

    You have reached baller status! You guys are crazy ridiculous!

  33. northierthanthou

    Like the ice shots on the beach.

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