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May 9, 2010

Our Mothers Day Contest that we’ve hosted in cooperation with TONI&GUY has drawn to a conclusion, and we have a winner! By a landslide, as a matter of fact.

Real quick though, in case you missed the premise of the contest, to win all a mother needed was 1) A photo on Nordica’s Facebook Page and 2) To accumulate the most ‘Likes’ on that photo. Easy!

So, the winning mom with a very impressive 66 Likes is Sheryl Strongitharm. It seems like an online arsenal of friends and family supported her, and just like that she’s the winner.

Sheryl has won a TONI&GUY haircut and gift bag, professionally awesome makeup done by Melissa Leach and a photography shoot with Nordica Photography. Awesome eh!

However, the contest was a great success overall, and we thank all the friends and mothers who participated. We wish that everyone could have won, but tis life and the reality of contests. But thank you once again for ‘playing along’!

If you want to see all of the awesome moms and the final standings, please have a gander at our Facebook page (click the ‘Photos’ tab).

But, to our winner Sheryl, congratulations! And Happy Mothers Day everyone!

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. april


  2. april

    Not sure if my comment went through to the winner of the Mother's Day contest... CONGRATULATIONS !!!

  3. Sarah Funk

    Congrats Sheryl! What a lovely picture of you and Kelly!

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