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Tsawwassen Portraits // Liza

February 14, 2011

Tsawwassen is a town about 45 minutes from Vancouver. It’s best known as the place you have to go to in order to take a ferry to Victoria, but if you dig a little deeper, it’s also known for its incredible beaches. The best of the best of these beaches is Boundary Bay.

Boundary Bay is interesting because the bay is part Canada, part America. You can literally walk into the States from the beach and all of a sudden it’s miles instead of kilometres.

Nine times out of ten, there are no border guards there. But of course, the one time that there was, we were doing a photo session and this border guard was is no mood to be sweet-talked into letting us stay in the States to take a few pictures. He was all business, and back to Canada we went.

We had a great time shooting Liza’s all Canadian portrait session though.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Shari DeAngelo

    I love how your work draws me in, instead of hitting me over the head. Always such a treat to stop in here and see what you've been up to.

  2. Adam Houseman

    Awesome work as always. Liza, you look stunning! Well done guys.

  3. Daniel

    awesome stuff! Love the black and whites and your clean composition... adds a lot of depth!

  4. Paul Rowland

    Excellent! I loved your write up afterwards. The set showing her different facial expressions = so good.

  5. Louisa Coulthurst

    Love all the space in the photos - great black and whites!

  6. Ruth

    Absolutely stunning. Your processing is so unique, it fits this girl beautifully. Your talent blows me away again.

  7. Nessa K

    I love these and I'm positive she does, too. Consistently brilliant work from Nordica Photography. =)

  8. Chris Murray

    Beautiful set, lovely model, and you made good use of the wonderful background. You guys are very talented, keep it up!

  9. Jessie-A Story in Time

    These are beautiful. I love your post processing on these!

  10. Magan Blasig

    Great session! I love the variety of poses, and the processing on these images. :)

  11. Girish

    Awesome stuff. Wonderful to see portraits again (as always) Well done with color grading on some photographs.

  12. Matthew Evans

    Very cool, love this set. Beautiful setting.

  13. Kristi Wright

    I love how moody these images are - great location.

  14. tobiah tayo

    WOW. love the symmetrical shot especially. very cool. would kill to live there.

  15. Julian Beattie

    The post on these are wicked. So freaking good!!

  16. Wedding Photographer Manchester

    Really stunning work, love the vividness of your colours!

  17. Dallas Wedding Photographer

    Love, love, love this set!!

  18. Darin Collison

    These are so gorgeous. I love them. I love how the colour is so muted, but just beautiful. Well done.

  19. Heather

    I adore the photographs up against the fence!

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