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March 25, 2010

So the Twestival ‘setting up’ phases are getting going here at the CBC Building on Hamilton Street, and it’s looking pretty skookum! The venue is awesome and hearing the band rehearse right now isn’t too shabby either.

Marc (from Amuse the event planner of all event planners) is getting the early arrivals organized and Madame Bollwitt is meandering about getting things looking good. And these kind folks in the picture below are the kick-ass duo from Mojave – they’ll be playing from time to time tonight!

On our end of things, we’ll put a few pictures in right now as an ‘intro post’, and after this we’ll just post pictures and shut our traps (meaning no text). So, if you’re interested in viewing some sites from Vancouver’s Twestival, please keep checking it! Alternatively, follow #yvrtestival on Twitter and you’ll see our photo updates and updates from others who are involved in this evenings affairs!

Onnnn to the pics!

We’ll be posting all the pictures throughout the evening over HERE. So click here if you want to follow the Twestival LIVE.

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By Cole & Jakob  

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