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Vancouver Convention Centre // Yulin & John

December 13, 2010

The Vancouver Convention Centre is where you can find a busload of tourists if you’re ever in the city. The Olympic Flame is there, and the shiny new Centre is right in the heart of downtown.

We had never done a session here, so we were aiming to make this look as non-touristy as possible, plus bring out a few of the characteristics of the building (such as the walls of grass).

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. William Bay

    Lovely set. They look so cool all bundled up. The natural light under the cloudy skies is so perfect too. The grouping in the tall grass is stunning.

  2. Kelly Laskowski

    Awesome locations you used for an awesome couple! This is a great series!

  3. Adam Houseman

    Love your style guys. And the seagull catch in the last frame is awesomesaus!

  4. Lynette J

    Beautiful work as always guys! I am in love with the grass shots!!

  5. Leah Muse

    Becoming a huge fan of your work! Love this set.

  6. Nirav

    You guys really are artists. Rockin' those compositions!

  7. Brian Kraft

    Awesome! Love how you're incorporating the architecture in to the shots... and then the grasses... and then both! Great work!

  8. Shyann

    Awesome stuff as usual!! I love all of these! The ones in the tall grass are my favorite!

  9. Magan Blasig

    These are so moody and captivating. I love the tones in all of them and the obstructions you used to shoot some of the shots. :)

  10. Jessie-A Story in Time

    They look like an awesome couple. Your work is always incredible!

  11. Paul Rowland

    Your use of negative space is spectacular. I love how you use your subjects to fill in the space between objects

  12. Kyle

    The way you use lines is absolutely awesome!

  13. Melanie Wessels

    Your processing in this set is great!

  14. ed peers

    Superb... you rock

  15. ayesha

    the geometry here is amazing... love love love your moody processing. you guys have such a distinct style... both in shooting and processing. amazing set!

  16. Mark Kalkwarf

    Love the strong lines and composition of all of these images. Very well done.

  17. Heather

    Love the shots of them laughing! What a gorgeous couple. <3

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