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Vancouver Couple Photography // Coal Harbour // Stephanie & Raymond

October 16, 2010

We spent some time with Stephanie and Raymond downtown Vancouver a while back. These were some of the frames we ended up with.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Jacob Lacey

    sweet post! love the variety of shots.

  2. Akhil

    great shots guys :)

  3. Lara

    Nice shoot. Very modern. I love the reflection shot.

  4. Dustin Hall

    Beautiful work, I think I hate you Vancouver photographers, you're all so talented! I LOVE that reflection shot, it's perfect!!!

  5. Leah Kua

    LOVE your unique perspective. They must be so happy with these!

  6. Jared Tseng

    So lovely! Beautiful set guys!

  7. Marianne Taylor

    One word. Awesome. Also, this couple is so cool that I could spend hours just staring at their feet!

  8. Jennifer

    Nice! Love the fountain, the touches of orange and the BW with the grass in foreground. Great work!

  9. Katie Beach

    Beautiful subtle use of DOF - simply lovely.

  10. Albert Palmer

    Great stuff! They look like a really fun couple - I love the photographs you took of them.

  11. Vida Carson

    ooh i love the cut up shot! so cool & creative.

  12. Ariana

    Gorgeous set of pics! Looks like a fun couple!

  13. Heather

    I love the strong, leading lines in the second one.

  14. Matthew

    Extremely artistic! love it.

  15. Samuel Grattan ยท

    Love your every shot. All pictures are saying one thing that you both are made for each other. In my engagement time, I contacted with Jon-Mark Photography. They gave me beautiful and stunning photographs.

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