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Vancouver Engagement Photography | Karran & Andrew

May 11, 2010

Wedding photography in Vancouver is a bloody treat, but equally as awesome are the engagement shoots. Essentially, the couples and ourselves bang around a few ideas for locations, pick one out and giver. The beautiful thing about this is in Vancouver, there are endless amazing spots.

So, for Karran and Andrew’s engagement photography session, we picked an area near to the neighbourhood they’re from in Kits, and met under the Burrard Street Bridge. From there, we enjoyed some bubbly, played with a few dogs and meandered our way along the water towards Granville Island. It was pretty sweet!

Here are some of the pictures from their engagement shoot. And stayed tuned for their wedding photos from (equally as awesome) Grouse Mountain later in May.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Pam Sterling (Keeley)

    Those were just amazing photos - you guys are meant for eachother.....keep those cards and letters coming!!! xo Pam, Doug, Matti and Miley! xo

  2. Girish

    Awesome shots mate. Awesome. Really great locations and great ideas for the shoot. The last shot is a lens tilt one, isn't it.

  3. april

    as all i gotta say is "WOW" you definitely captured their happiness for each other

  4. Karran

    Fantastic creative detail - we were so fortunate to have such talented artists for this shoot! Looking forward to the wedding. Thanks so so so much!

  5. Marco

    Love the lighting!

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