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Vancouver Family Photography // The Behans

September 22, 2010

Cool family photography – especially with babies – is a bit outside of what we have done to this point. So, this was our crack at a family session.

The way we look at it, we focus so much on brides and grooms that incorporating some family stuff into the mix as well is a natural fit.

Thanks to Alex, Jordan, Jaxon and Ava for baring with us through this. It was our first time, so obviously there were a few bumps in the road.

If you think this looks like something your young family might like, fire us over an email to and let’s see if we’re the right fit for your family portraits.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Sonia

    LOVE THEM. I love this family. They are the cutest and sweetest. Thanks fo sharing. xo

  2. scotty

    so good, dude.

  3. Paul Rowland

    I love these - very cool family session.

  4. Marianne Taylor

    This is like cuteness overload right from the first shot. Adorable!

  5. carolbrowne

    These are very sweet. I love the one with the baby at the front and the parents out of focus in the background. Very cool. Also, the first photo is great, too - the top of a baby's head! The best smelling part of a baby! True story.

  6. Caroline Alexander

    These are so lovely, I smiled through all of them. I particularly love the sets with the baby making a different face in each one, made me laugh. Also loving their other little one, a cutie, lovely tender moments caught too, great stuff!

  7. Drew Gregory

    If those first images aren't of a baby pooping.... Great session, love the little boy with the geese!

  8. Csanad

    Beautiful family. those shots of the little guy with the geese...awesome!

  9. Shyann

    I love this family session!! :) Very creative .. You did awesome!

  10. Heidi Elvy

    This is my family (cousins) and they are amazing! Thank you for capturing just how perfect they really are! Jaxson you are too cute!! Love Heedee xxoo

  11. Diana caldarone

    Jaxson should model!!

  12. april

    fun stuff love the natural light ! cute kids...

  13. Heather

    So many great expressions- what a happy family!!

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