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Document You // Stephanie & Walter

December 19, 2011

“Our vision is to make cancer treatments available to everyone across Canada, regardless of age and income.”

That is the statement you’ll see when you read about Thrive Alive, a foundation that Stephanie and Walter started in 2009. Their passion in life is to make the lives of those effected by cancer more positive, and most of their focus in life is the betterment of others.

Their story is very inspiring.

When they’re not making the world a better place, they share another passion together: sailing their boat. The boat is a big part of Steph and Walt’s lives and you can feel their love for that thing the second you step onto it.

So, it was logical for us to do their Document You session amidst something that held such esteem in their lives. Boating is a passion they share and being together on that boat clearly means a lot to them.

It’s tough for us to put into pictures and a few sentences how much we respect what these two do for others. The world could surely use a few more Stephanies and Walters, and we feel honoured to be photographing their wedding in 2012.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Kristi Wright

    One of these days, I want a lifestyle session with you guys. I've been thinking of all the amazing photographers I'm aware of and who my dream session might be continuously produce such beautiful work that my answer always come back to Nordica.

  2. Brian Furbush

    Great session per usual guys - really awesome mission that the couple has as well. Congrats and looking forward to the wedding shots.

  3. Jenny

    Guys, this is fantastic. You are really ROCKING the document you/lifestyle type session. Love it!

  4. ed peers

    So real. So not contrived. So frickin' brilliant.

  5. Natalie Champa Jennings

    So excited to see another document you session! Gorgeous photographs, as always.

  6. Tim

    what Ed said! :)

  7. Anne

    A very inspiring thought to start your post, they're fortunate to share a strong positive goal. Beautiful images of a gorgeous couple... I love her dresses!

  8. Fotograf lublin

    stunning pictures!

  9. Jon S6

    all round awesome. Wonderful light too

  10. Ashley

    These photos make me smile (and cry). You captured my best friend and the love of her life in the most stunningly natural way. Looking forward to the wedding and the gorgeous photos I'm sure you'll capture!

  11. Zosia

    So good, it's genius!

  12. Teresa K


  13. Shyann

    Beautiful session! I love the lighting in these. The one of her outfit blowing in the wind is my favorite!

  14. Lana

    Really awesome perspectives and compositions!

  15. Jessica Schilling

    So incredibly stunning. Especially love the life raft, the wine glasses, and the crab shots, but they are really all amazing!

  16. Heather

    You make it feel like we are seeing less of them and more of them at the same time. Very insightful photography. Well done.

  17. Kyle

    You guys seriously need to do more of these document you sessions because the way you make them feel effortless intimate is amazing. Any photographer knows how hard it is to truly capture people on that deep of a level and you guys do it, and make it look easy.

  18. heather nan

    Yeah, that was alright.... SERIOUSLY? Stunning session. So effortless and beautiful.

  19. Jakub Majewski

    I'm impressed, fascinating history and beautiful pictures. Well done guys!

  20. Dmitriy Frolov

    Truly great story!

  21. Sachin Khona

    Seriously ridic' guys.. too good!

  22. Julianne Markow

    awesome work documenting Such a cute and caring couple!

  23. geneoh

    awesome work dudes. I feel you really captured them in there element.

  24. AdonyeJaja

    man, you guys now I am a fan, great work!!

  25. Brian Davis

    Damn I love this shoot. Great lighting and great use of the boat. You guys are ridiculous!

  26. Sam

    Wow, I LOVE this. Seriously, you guys absolutely did this so perfectly. Wow, so so so good.

  27. nadine

    wow. this session is amazing.

  28. Sara

    Wow. Amazing!

  29. Julie Harris

    Great story and great photos. There's a great documentary feel to your photos. Good job!

  30. /mariahedengren

    Beautiful, romantic story. So well captured, so well presented. Amazing!

  31. gabe aceves

    this is one of my favorite things you guys have ever done. for serious.

  32. Kat Braman

    completely brilliant, sexy and so real. I love it.

  33. Anton Chia

    Romance is in the air! Absolute brilliant photography as always! I saw the word Singapore! Greetings from here in Singapore!

  34. nirav

    This is what it's all about. Absolutely love this guys :)

  35. Johanna

    You capture souls. I'm so in love with every single image you guys produce. Damn you. :)

  36. Cathy Crawley

    Amazing photography! Amazing.

  37. Josh Mitchell


  38. Paul Krol

    great set of images. the light is just awesome - way to capture it! and fantastic images documenting this couple.

  39. Gary Derbridge photographer

    Beautiful sunlight, great images!

  40. jim

    Such beautiful shots especially the shot of the city. Great job.

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