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Vancouver Portrait Photography // Dana

February 9, 2011

This is Dana. We took pictures of her in Gastown, Vancouver.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Eric Yerke


  2. Brian Davis

    I'm not sure why, but that second one just speaks to me. Love the contrast and her expression.

  3. Blake Burton


  4. Chris Murray

    Great set, and so many great expressions! The light is also amazing.

  5. Paul Von Rieter

    I seriously hate you guys. Your photos, I LOVE. Seriously the raddest stuff around.

  6. Girish

    Very cool. Good to see you post what you earlier start with - portraits. Well done on these. I like the b/w tones always. The last is very nice, something different and cool. Good focus.

  7. Brad Ross

    Sweet portraits! I love the "Ladder" triple.

  8. Darko

    Stunning as usual. Everything that makes a photograph great comes together in this set.

  9. Tall

    Nice job! That first one is stellar and I dig the gridspot stuff used later.

  10. Paul Rowland

    Well done sir - very nice work.

  11. Louisa Coulthurst

    Beautiful shots - your black and white processing is absolutely stunning!

  12. Sally Watts

    Gorgeous. THey all have a sort of film quality to them. I love the 6th one down. Her gaze is just magical.

  13. Drew W

    You're portrait sessions are seriously off the hook. If I lived anywhere remotely close I would totally get some shots done by you guys.

  14. Albert Palmer

    Stunning. Your work is draw droppingly good - I love what I see every time.

  15. Shell Bailey

    These are so beautiful. Elegant and understated, I love it. She's gorgeous, & the black and whites are particularly awesome.

  16. Lisa Gratton

    Hi, Your really a great photographer. I really love this series of images. Dana is gorgeous and the photos tell a story. I am also based in Vancouver.....I am so excited to be in a city with such great talent.

  17. Shipra Panosian

    the top three and second from the bottom are just incredible. She's gorgeous.

  18. Rhys

    You guys are seriously killing me here. That last shot...Lord in heaven.

  19. Amanda Basteen

    Wow great session. Love the 5th one because of her eyes. They are all great!

  20. Alan Hutchison

    Love the low key image - a fabulous model.

  21. Leah Muse

    As always, you rocked this. The lighting is beautiful.

  22. Marianne Wilson

    Excited to see the rest of this session! It does not disappoint. That first two images are so striking!

  23. Chris Lin

    Very very solid session.

  24. Jenny Meng

    Lovely set. I particularly like the third against the green wall - it's such a lovely soft expression.

  25. Heather

    Love, love, love that third one.

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