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Vancouver Social Media Superstars | Published

April 4, 2010

During the Olympics, we were lucky enough to have been contacted by BC Business Magazine Online to do some photography for them. Basically, we took pictures of the city during the mad month of February, and we created slideshows for their site. It was a great project!

From that experience, we developed a nice relationship with their web editor and he contacted us to do a new project under the theme of Innovation in Vancouver. We deduced the topic a little bit and landed on the them of Vancouver’s Social Media Superstars.

At that point, we were more or less given the freedom to compile a list of people who we felt should be in there, and just giver. We had one week to do this, we had no idea if anyone would even want to participate in the project and we more or less had no idea if we would get this done on time.

But, we did! And the responses on the BC Business website have been interesting.

Some have been positive:

“beautiful photos. interesting quotes. cool focus on innovation”

“Kudos to all of you for making it to this list & doing a great work!”

Some have been negative:

“At best Nordica’s work is amateurish”

“Aren’t photographers supposed to help people look a lot better? some of those shots are down right embarrassing.”

Either way, we are quite proud of this project. We didn’t have any help creating the list of contacts and most of the people we had never met. So from that point of view, this project has been totally awesome because we got to meet some incredibly nice and intelligent Vancouverites.

So, thank you again to everyone who agreed to do this! We bugged and nagged you with emails and you gave us your time, and for that we are very appreciative. Hope to bump into you again soon!

Here is a link to the slideshow on BC Business.

John and Rebecca Bollwitt.

Darren Barefoot

John Blown and Chris Briekks

Alex and Jordan Behan

Kris Krug

Raul Pacheco

Maura Rodgers and Danny Robinson

Gillian Shaw

Hilary Henegar

Monica Hamburg

Shane Gibson and Stephen Jagger

Marc Smith

Colleen Coplick

Chuck McIntosh and Chris Irving

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  2. Girish

    Very very nice shots. Did you meet the people out of the blues, randomly or you had to select them. And were the backgrounds random locations. Could you explain what cameras did you use, and a basic setup of the shots. Would be great if you could answer. It's good to hear from harsh negative comments, keeps you do better and better.

  3. Nordica

    Girish - Thanks for your comments eh! We had not met most of the people in this post. We contacted them, explained what we were doing and they agree. Some we had briefly met before though, but for the most part they were newbies! None of the backgrounds were at the same location (we're lucky in Vancouver to have awesome and endless backdrops!). We used either Nikon D300 or D700 and a 50mm 1.4 lens for all the pictures. Lighting was all natural.

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