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Vancouver Wedding Photographer // Anj & Jules

July 9, 2012

About half the weddings we book are with couples who we’ve never met in person before up until the wedding day. This leaves plenty of room for surprises when we finally do meet.

Jules, for example, is an Australian lad who sang in a once-famous band that toured the world with stops in Canada at North by Northeast (or NXNE). We obviously had no clue.

Anj and Jules were top-notch, and we thoroughly enjoyed the cultural mix that was their wedding.

A few frames from the day:

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Mercedes

    Solid. Awesome. Gorgeous.

  2. Naomi Goggin

    Utterly stunning.

  3. Zulbard

    cant wait for full post

  4. megan noonan

    Loving the tones in these guys! The third portrait down is bad ass.

  5. Michael Wachniak

    Killer as always fellas!

  6. Sam

    Holy cow, this looks epically awesome! Like a movie trailer that really makes me want to see it. I cannot wait to see the full day!

  7. Nikole

    Everything about this is gorgeous. The photos, the couple and that dress!

  8. Anni

    Stunning work as always. You two are an inspiration.

  9. Paul Krol

    Magical. Love these!

  10. Sam

    I love that last shot. Not normally a big fan of ring shots but that just makes total sense and has the narrative woven in to it.. lovely :)

  11. Edric

    Her dress is fantastic, what a beautiful bride. The portrait by the window is stellar.

  12. Chris

    Outstanding.. love the shot of them in front of the city.

  13. benj haisch

    you guys are good. #understatement

  14. Agnes Stenlund

    so so so beautifly captured.

  15. Avelaine

    Could you guys BE any better?? Damn...

  16. Tracy Morter

    Ridiculously wonderful as always! That window shot is superb.

  17. mike

    Top of your game.

  18. Leo

    Rad work, guys. Seriously digging the 3rd shot down. Understated, yet dramatic.

  19. Kim

    These shots are gorgeous and I can't wait to see the whole wedding. LOVE the "fist pump" shot of the bride. So fresh and awesome.

  20. AdonyeJaja

    so boss guys, well done!

  21. Amber Hughes

    Seriously beautiful... can't wait to see more!

  22. Jennifer Williams

    You guys make it look effortless.

  23. Karba

    When are u posting the whole wedding guys? These are delicious!!

  24. ed peers


  25. Tyler

    that third frame....

  26. /mariahedengren

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful... !!

  27. bryan

    so. effing. good.

  28. jonny

    the 3rd frame is blowing my mind. can't get enough.

  29. geneoh

    so good

  30. Miles

    Beautiful wedding photos! The bridal gown is so gorgeous! :)

  31. tim riddick

    i want you guys to shoot my life.. i mean really dude this is nothing short of amazing

  32. Jakub

    Stunning work gents

  33. Nick Lance

    Gorgeous photos. Love the compositions :)

  34. Bartlett Pair Photography

    I LOVE the second picture (with the bride). She must be so happy with all of your pictures!

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