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Vancouver Wedding // Karen & Cam

January 11, 2012

If you say you aren’t weird, you’re lying.

Everyone is weird in their own way, and when you embrace the weirdness, life is that much more awesome.

Weird is a good thing.

When we met Karen and Cameron in 2010, we left thinking this: “Penguin ice sculpture? That’s weird.” You see, Cameron had intended on building a massive ice sculpture for their wedding. Penguins was the theme for their wedding, so Cam wanted to smash a home-run with this ice sculpture idea.

So, missing a few details, our first impression of the pengiun-ice-sculpture-wedding was, well, weird.

We basically envisioned a totally tripped-out wedding. Hunter S. Thompson greeting at us the door with penguin shaped jello shots. Oompa loompas in penguin outfits roller blading around the reception with trays of absinthe. And the whole kumbaya revolving around a humongous penguin ice sculpture that would be spraying Bacardi out of it’s stout.

It would be weird. It would be awesome.

Even though the penguin ice sculpture never actually happened, hearing of a wedding that had something a bit different and a bit off the wall was awesome.

And weird or not, we liked Karen and Cam a lot from day one. They found us through Rebecca Bollwitt (aka Miss 604 – a Vancouver blogger) and pictures of her dangling from a building (which is weird), and we’re glad they did.

[audio:|titles=Modern Drift]

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Michael Wachniak

    Absolute Radness. I really admire how you worked with the amazing ambient light in the church. Others may have not typically seen that and would have used flash. Amazing as always guys!

  2. Paul Rowland

    Awesome wedding y'all. The last two images are trippy.

  3. Dane Deasy

    Loved the photos. The chance to play that song while looking through the images was a really nice touch. Very fitting. Keep up the great work!

  4. Geoff

    Love the use of light in this one...amazing fellas!

  5. sam hurd

    absolutely crazy cool.

  6. Two Ring Studios

    Wow, such vision and creativity in every photo. Love the tilt-shift of the priest in the church.

  7. fotograf vjencanja PJ

    You are the best...:)

  8. Stephanie

    Your words....your seriously made my heart hurt with happiness. You have a gift!

  9. Erik Clausen

    Dudes, that first dress shot is killer. Great set fellas.

  10. TJ Romero

    fantastic work! love your vision!

  11. Teresa K

    So guys are very gifted

  12. Mike and Frida Photography

    You conveyed a sense of warmth with your colors in the church. Kudos, boys.

  13. Continuum Photography

    The subtle reflection of the dress in the window in that first few shots is awesome.

  14. J Shoda

    Your visions align to make some magnificent ****. Well done guys.

  15. Zosia

    Gah! Splendidly awesome stuff guys!

  16. Fotograf Fredric

    Lovely set! Well done guys!

  17. Andy Gaines

    Awesome work as ever guys! Absolutely love those church shots!

  18. Slubna

    Very nice tricky party photos.

  19. Javier Abad

    Nice work guys!!

  20. Linus Moran

    Stunning coverage as ever - love the shot of the devil on the church steps!

  21. ALMA

    Too good guys!

  22. ed peers

    A big high five! Unbelievably good...

  23. Thomas Lester

    You work is always amazing. Love it. You did an amazing job with this. That faint dress reflection in the window is amazing. Great job!

  24. gabe aceves

    gentlemen, every time i visit i am greeted with amazing images and stories. it inspires me friends. so good.

  25. Jakub Majewski

    Perfect technique, great vision, amazing light !!!

  26. Blake Burton

    man their portraits are insane! the dancing shots are pretty funny too!

  27. Jason & Marie

    Insanely beautiful you guys, and the guy with the mask outside the church?? Well that's definitely weird :)

  28. Phill

    I was somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the true meaning of these images began to take hold. Staggering beauty.

  29. ryan southen

    awesome wedding. your comp is top notch and i really love the feel and tones.

  30. Sarah

    Really stunning work as usual. The portrait with the raindrops is gorgeous.

  31. Fotograf Ślubny Warszawa

    great story photos with lot of love and fun, i love you post process work

  32. James Readhead

    a stunning collection of photographs. epic church and wicked light...chain link fence and bride with flowers allll good...superb.

  33. Leah Muse

    Those dress shots are ridiculous. And the picture of the pews with the little stream of light? Stunning.

  34. Heather

    Looks like an ABSOLUTE blast!

  35. Mercedes

    Of course this is amazing. The shots of them together are so beautiful.

  36. AdonyeJaja

    Great set guys. so well captured.

  37. Jakub

    Yet another stunning album! Fantastic work lads!

  38. Julianna Rennard

    Superb wedding, guys! Just awesome from beginning to end.

  39. brett maxwell

    Yep, we're all weird, and my favorite people are the ones who recognize it and embrace it. Stay weird my friends.

  40. Paul Krol

    wickedly good photography from beginning to end. I really liked that church wide angle picture with all that light on the people in the middle. Great light control.

  41. tim

    Amazing set. Loved the range of portraits in this one.

  42. Kat Braman

    I love the way you guys see and shoot light.

  43. Sean Phillips

    What a wonderful setting and a beautiful day. I love your liberal use of black and white in the images presented!

  44. Ric Latham

    WOW what a great wedding! love the bride and groom shots

  45. Nick Lance

    Love how you played a bit with contrast in the church. Beautiful work as always! :)

  46. Derek

    Incredible wedding! Love your use of light and what an awesome reception.

  47. Jocke

    Great job! Nice inspiration! Lovely atmosphere in your images.

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