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March 15, 2010

So wedding season in Vancouver officially kicked off for us, and it was an unexpected wedding at that. Long story short (very short), this couple had a very short time frame to work with and needed a last minute photographer (or two). So, while we normally aren’t huge fans of super short weddings (this was about 2 hours) we couldn’t resist the opportunity to fire up some wedding pictures.

The wedding was pretty wicked in the end though. There were about 25 or so people and it was a real intimate affair at the Fish House in Stanley Park. Another cool thing about the wedding (for us) was we had free range to do as we please to get the best pictures. The couple was comfortable with us doing that, which was great considering we had just met them that morning!

Anyways, here you go. Wedding photography Nordica-style on a cloudy day in Stanley Park!

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Vancouver Wedding Photographer | Stanley Park Style » Allan Cole Roberts

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  2. Tyler Ingram

    What a great job! Incorporating the finer details too! The fish house is 5 min walk to our place too! lol Might have to consider you guys in the upcoming years ;)

  3. Girish

    those are some fantastic shots for 2 hours man !! Really wonderful. Too good man.

  4. DiamondWave

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  5. lena

    Vilka bilder Cole och Jakob. Ni har verkligen fångat allt som är värt att bära med som minnen för resten av livet... Brudparet måste vara mer än nöjda.

  6. april

    hey cole incorporate a ring in squirrels paw from

  7. Holly

    Great photos guys!!!! Cant wait for you to shoot the wedding next week!

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