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Vancouver Wedding Photography // Hannah & Mike

March 16, 2011

I am wondering if you are free March 5th 2011 to photograph a fabulous love affair.

That was the first line in the email we received many months ago from Hannah and Mike, and there was a trace of flare in the inquiry jumped off the page.

Well the flare was there, and then some, on their wedding day and they left no stone unturned. There was a dash of culture from Mike’s Irish roots, there was the colossal elegance of the church, and there was a hell of a party at the reception.

It really was a perfect wedding day, and hats off to Hannah for putting it all together without a wedding planner. As Mike accurately described, Hannah was the “Donald Trump of wedding planners” down to the finest detail, she did a ballin’ job creating her perfect wedding day.


By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Hannah

    We just love the pictures. Thank you so much!

  2. Leah Muse

    Everything is absolutely gorgeous. From the details to the candid getting ready moments to their portraits against the skyline. Awesome job!

  3. Elissa

    Every shot is fantastic. I'm a new fan and will definitely come back.

  4. kristina

    awesome!!! i saw that band at one of the weddings - they are freaking amazing!!! :)

  5. Tim Feeny

    Wicked pics guys. Great work!

  6. Catherine Ann

    wow, gorgeous wedding! My favorite shot is the one with the bride getting on the trolley, its a very beautiful photo

  7. Alan Hutchison

    Nice to see something really different and cool in the wedding photography industry - congrats!

  8. Magan Blasig

    words cannot express how much i love this wedding. i'm typically not a fan of group portraits, but yours had me smiling from ear to ear - love that you did the girls/guys alternating and turned around. awesome!

  9. Joshua Gull

    I really love the way you guys see things. Beautiful work.

  10. Heather E

    This is so stunning. Not just an amazing wedding, but your coverage just blew my mind. Absolutely amazing photographs. Cheers.

  11. Daniel Krieger

    I knew these were going to be awesome from the first few photos.. really beautiful stuff I'm impressed.

  12. PhotoboothVancouver -Angela

    Amazing night and AWESOME pictures! I love the pics with the Vancouver skyline behind them. They are all incredible though! It was a pleasure working with you!

  13. Alicia Adamopoulos

    I just lover your vision. It's urban and grungy yet beautiful in it's grittiness. This wedding is fantastic! You're fast becoming one of my favourite blogs to visit.

  14. Paul Nguyen

    Such a great collection of photos! Just amazing!

  15. Matthew Mead

    You guys are two good! Thanks for continually inspiring me!!!!!

  16. Alex

    It's incredible! Excellent work!

  17. Nick Coyne

    Killing it, as usual.

  18. Razvan

    Amazing job documenting this beautiful wedding! I love all the little details captured and used to better set the move. Made me feel very immersed into that day.

  19. Keao

    Spectacular photos. Just amazing. I loved scrolling through the whole wedding. Cotton candy. People are so creative nowadays.

  20. Blake Burton

    amazing stuff you two!

  21. adam houseman

    You guys are awesome. Incredible documentation of what appears to be an amazing day. Thanks for sharing your visions with the world. Hannah and Mike you two look amazing!

  22. Nessa K

    I've had this open for a while now, just gawking at it, then I realized I should probably leave a comment to know how much this wedding blows me away. So here it is. This is awesome, amen.

  23. brooke

    the sunset portraits are amaaazing!

  24. Kelsey

    Wow! I can't wait to follow your work from now on. This is awesome.

  25. Porter Watkins

    man you guys KILLED this one! i love the film esque tones, and your reception shots are awesome. GUINESS TIME! lol awesome stuff

  26. Brittany

    Ya. Wow.

  27. froxy

    Can you guys stop being so awesome please? You make it hard for the rest of us. :-( Seriously though, I wanted to go through and pick a couple of favourites but I can't because the list would be too long.

  28. Zoie Pulkka

    These are absolutely fantastic. Such a unique feel. Very nice work.

  29. David Robertson

    love the PP, so tight and consistent! ;)

  30. Bruce

    Wow. From start to finish.

  31. April

    wow !

  32. Heather

    I adore that first headshot of them outside the chapel doors. Gorgeous work!!

  33. Mircea

    Absolutely one of your greatest works! The people, the atmosphere and the shots are just amazing! Thanks for creating such memories! You are inspiring!

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