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Sweden Wedding Photographer // Emma & Rikard

August 14, 2012

When booking weddings, we have two priorities: Compatible personalities, and a shared appreciation for our style of photography.

When those two things are there, the wedding is always a stellar experience for both parties, no matter where the wedding is or how many mason jars are dangling from the trees.

With Emma and Rikard, it was perfect from the first email. Emma – a wedding photographer in Sweden – contacted us about coming over there for her wedding. Because we are relocating soon and Sweden will be home as of December 2012, this wedding felt like a gift from the interweb gods.

Emma was great from the start – our personalities matched perfectly and we shared a vision of what we thought wedding photography should be – and we knew that even if Nordica didn’t photograph her wedding, we would surely have a few beers one day. As we move to Sweden at the end of the year, we’re looking forward to meeting all of the talented photographers there, and Emma was definitely on that list.

Emma and Rikard’s outdoor wedding was held at Österlen, an area in the southern parts of Sweden. They wanted the day to be a summer party, and a summer party it certainly was.


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Emma and Rikard’s wedding was feature on Snippet and Ink and The Norwegian Wedding Blog.

På Svenska

By Cole & Jakob  

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  3. Richard Ware

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  5. MissJeni

    Amazing. Stunning. Great. Love.

  6. Ruth

    This wedding is stunning! I adore the shot with the bride hugging her bridesmaids. You've captured some really beautiful emotional moments, good job!

  7. Brian

    OHHHH! This was a delight to my eyes! guys are awesome! Thanks for the visual trip!

  8. Patricia

    Your photography is so beautiful, so inspirational, so amazing. The viewer literally feels every single picture; it's like being there yourself. Beautiful work guys, great minds. Great creativity and talent. Keep it up and all the best on your new settlement in Sweden.

  9. Heather

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  10. Anni

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  11. Mattias

    Extreme swedish wedding this is :-D Well done capturing the day through the camera! Looking forward to see you guys in October and welcome back to Sweden!

  12. Johanna

    Amazing! The pictures really capture the feeling of Rikard and Emmas wedding weekend. I'm stunned!

  13. geneoh

    great post, love the new look, boys!

  14. Girish

    Fantastic place and another awesome wedding, excellent photographs. Looks like one wild party that :)

  15. Ryan Brenizer

    What a gorgeous location for the ceremony. Streamers > mason jars. Gorgeous.

  16. PJ Photos

    Love it!! And love your new site!

  17. Nathan Gilmer

    Everything about this beautiful. I love the emotion. Great job!

  18. Anders S

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  19. Alyda

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  20. Carolina

    You two are very very BADASS!!!!!! Love every single image! :)

  21. bohnjello

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  22. David Campbell

    Nailed it! As per usual.

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  26. Mercedes

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    love this wedding so much life and fun. New website is awesome, that map is well eeerrr awesome. You guys are killing it! =)

  28. Tenielle

    No wonder you're returning to your homeland, you made magic happen there.

  29. Edric

    Awesome coverage!! My favorite image is the b&w of bride and groom running! Loving all the details.

  30. Tuomas Mikkonen

    Great job again! Nice to see some scandinavian wedding pics by you guys! New blog is cool too!

  31. Steve Koo

    Lovely work, as always! The ceremony shots are fantastic; nicely done!

  32. kristi wright

    This is such a beautiful wedding. There are so many moments I want to point out. You guys are amazing storytellers.

  33. caroline

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  42. mel

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