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November 26, 2012

It took us about a year to learn what makes our photography workshops different, and to answer the question: Why would someone want to spend a day with us, and how can we provide them with the tools needed to get a return on their investment? If we were to attend a workshop, we would do so expecting to leave with practical information that we could apply on our photography business. Simple as that. So that is what we expect ourselves to deliver.

We provide straightforward information that we wish somebody would have told us when we started Nordica. There are plenty of workshops with the sole purpose of leaving photographers inspired, and that works for some people. Not for us though. We want to deliver real hands-on information and strategies.

So, what’s next?

On December 4th, we have a workshop slated for London, England (there are still a couple of seats available – email if you’re interested). After that, we’re leaving it up to you – the photographers – to decide where we go next. We have set up waiting lists for different cities, and if ten photographers sign up on a wait list, we’ll open registration for a workshop.

So far, we have Belfast and Stockholm ready to go and we’ll be announcing dates for those workshops soon (they will both likely be in the spring of 2013, and you can still sign up on the wait lists here). If you think there is demand for a workshop in your city, go here and add your name to the list.

We are also continuing the two-on-one private mentorings. Spending a day with a photographer and giving them our undivided attention has been very rewarding and we thoroughly enjoy it.

Alright. Enough talking about ourselves and pumping our own tires. After each workshop, we ask photographers a simple question:

What would you say to another photographer who was considering a workshop with Nordica based on your experience?

Here are some answers:

I would say “Do it! Do whatever you have to, to spend the day with Cole & Jakob. You will not only be light years ahead of where you were the day before, you will be so far ahead of 99% of photographers out there (business wise). Worst case scenario is you have a great day and get to hang out with 2 awesome cats taking great photos in an amazing location.

– James

I would say do it, DO IT NOW!!! You will have a great time, learn a lot about business and shooting!! Plus you will make two great friends who are awesome!

– Richard

I would definitely recommend your workshop to any photographer. I might even take one more my self in the future 🙂

– Mattias

If you want to get inside the brain of two incredibly talented photographers, become more efficient with your workflow, and know what it takes to get to the top of the industry, then sign up and improve your business.

– Kristian

“Why haven’t you booked it already?” We’ve already recommended your workshops to other photographers 🙂

– Johanna and Jouni

In October, we did seven workshops in Sweden and Finland. Here are images from our time together with some great photographers. Thanks to you all for travelling and meeting us, and we’re stoked to see your businesses evolve.

Bröllopfotograf StockholmBröllopfotograf Finland

Was there anything that surprised you about the workshop that you didn’t see coming when you signed up?

Not so much that I didnt see coming but was very impressed on the business side of things, how Nordica run things, so streamlined and very professional. Also whilst out shooting, the speed at which Nordica work and the way they see light. Making a normal area into something amazing!


Bröllopfotograf Gamla StanBröllopfotograf SverigeBröllopfotograf

Was there anything that surprised you about the workshop that you didn’t see coming when you signed up?

By far, the thing that blew me away the most was the business side of things. The “Nordica Formula” as I like to call it really really impressed me and I have been a web designer for about 12 years. Having the business side down is probably equally important as having the photography side down. But to have a super successful business, I would say that what I learnt would be maybe more important. The biggest thing I took away from it was using SEO to really drive your business – while having people find you on google and hire you etc is certainly a big part of it, actually targeting specific types of clients in specific locations is really a thing of genius. You learn to basically control your own destiny as a business and I honestly would pay 20 times what I did to learn what I did on the day.

– James

BröllopfotografBröllopfotografBröllopfotograf StockholmWedding Photography Workshop

Is there anything about the workshop you’d like to add?

I can already see the difference in the way I think about things, how I set goals and where I want to go. Since the workshop I have booked two couple sessions and will find at least 8 more the coming months. I have new ideas of what to shoot that I can blog and use SEO on.

– Mathias

Wedding Photography WorkshopWedding Photography WorkshopWedding Photography Workshop

Were all of your goals / expectations met with the workshop?

I can’t think of anything that we didn’t touch upon. Still going through the recording to be honest. but what surprised me listening back was HOW MUCH we covered. Tonnes. What I didn’t realise was how much went over my head initially, and only after playing it back did I register certain aspects.

– Kristian

Photography WorkshopPhotography Workshop StockholmPhotography Workshop Stockholm

Is there anything about the workshop you’d like to add?

Because of this workshop and new added self-confidence I have made the decision to go part-time at my day job. This is the first Friday/day of my new life 🙂 We’ve also started the process of new branding. We want to thank you for giving us lots to think about, sharing your knowledge and also for the beautiful photos of us! We also raised our prices recently and just got the first booking after that. Feels so AWESOME.

– Johanna & Jouni

Photography Workshop StockholmPhotography Workshop FinlandStockholm Wedding PhotographerStockholm Wedding PhotographerStockholm Wedding PhotographerStockholm Wedding PhotographerBröllop

What are the three most valuable things that you took away from the workshop?

Think on your feet, if you have to choose – choose light before background, make it easy for your website visitors to find the information you want them to find.

– Mattias

BröllopsfotografBröllopsfotografBröllopsfotografBröllopsfotografBröllopsfotograf Sverige

What are the three most valuable things that you took away from the workshop?

1. We gained a LOT of self-confidence.
2. We learned to value what we do. We realized that although this whole thing started out as a hobby, it’s a business now and we need to be more business-like in all that we do.
3. We also learned to see the light differently.

– Johanna & Jouni

Bröllopsfotograf SverigeBröllopsfotograf SverigeBröllopsfotograf StockholmBröllopsfotograf StockholmBröllopsfotograf Stockholm

Do you have any suggestions for improvements for our future workshops?

I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest, but without doubt, I learnt everything I wanted to and so much more. In “workshop mode” I learnt so much that I took down about 20 pages of notes, but I also learnt so much invaluable stuff in just our conversations during the day. I really think I took years off my learning curve, and also learnt some things that perhaps I wouldn’t have ever picked up on my own.

– James

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Sonia Jansson

    Oh!Man! I just remembered I didn't got back at you on how I felt about the workshop. Well here it is. Awesome. Everybody should do it. I am still digesting the loads of input and information I got from you guys! Happily, I took notes! Happy to see some pictures of our day together here :)

  2. Johanna + Jouni

    Awesome to be featured on your site! Thanks again for the photos and sharing with us what goes on behind the scenes of Nordica. Everyone who is reading this: Worth it, book yours now!! You won't regret it! :)

  3. Mattias

    Well... I really had a great time and just wanted to give you guys a huge THANK YOU for the day!

  4. ed peers

    London. Tomorrow. Cannot. Wait.

  5. zulbard

    Please put Malaysia in your list

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