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West Vancouver Wedding // Jenny & Joel

October 13, 2011

Wedding cliches stretch far and wide, and you really notice this at the reception speeches.

Ever heard the “joke” where whoever is giving the speech has the groom put his hand atop the brides on the table and says something along the lines of “and that’s the last time you’ll have the upper hand in this relationship”? This little skit must have a high ranking on Google for “wedding speech jokes”.

Another one is when the newly-weds have been together for a very long time. The whole “it’s about time”, “what took you so long”, “’bout time you made it official” hullaballoo is an easy angle for cracking a few jokes. We’ve heard it at quite a few weddings by now.

But not at Jenny and Joel’s.

They’ve surpassed the easy target status of relationship longevity. They met in grade 6 in 1989 and starting dating not so long after that, so they’ve reached the untouchable level where no jokes are acceptable.

To put it into perspective, communism was still clicking along nicely, the Calgary Flames won the Stanley Cup and Maradona was on top of his game. “What took you so long” jokes needn’t apply here.

So the speeches left out the cliches, and the wedding was all money. The outdoor beachside ceremony in Caulfied, the ballin’ Vera Wang dress Jenny was wearing, the badass portraits in an old abandoned train station in North Vancouver, and the killer reception at Beachside Restaurant in West Vancouver all suited these two perfectly. No awesome rock was left unturned.

Jenny and Joel’s West Vancouver wedding was featured on Sash and Satin Wedding Blog.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. David MacVicar

    Loved these! Fantastic stuff right here.

  2. Jennifer Williams

    Incredible, as usual. Way to go guys.

  3. John

    No clichés in these images either. Stellar work boys.

  4. michele bowman

    i always look forward to your blog posts! you guys just rock weddings and i adore your work. love this one muchly :)

  5. fer juaristi

    What an amazing wedding guys!

  6. Two Ring Studios

    Really love your style and approach to wedding photography. Great work! -Derek

  7. Johanna Hietanen

    I'm marveling over her beauty - especially in the BW shot of her. It's stunning. Plus the one where they're at the beach, holding hands, blurred... love.

  8. Nessa K

    Such a gorgeous couple. The photo of the bride sitting down in her dress is just... astoundingly beautiful. And for the record, that reception looks like a party I'd want to be at.

  9. Phil Chester

    Pure money. Love the part about googling "how to make a funny joke a wedding" Love that shoe frame lots.

  10. Heather Jowett

    You two always pull out some amazing stuff but this is probably my favorite ceremony coverage yet from you two. I just get such a sense of the place and the mood and the joy and the love. Well done Sirs.

  11. Seth

    This is about as good as it gets. Well done.

  12. Jakub Majewski

    Fantastic wedding, great work guys as always!

  13. Emily Porter

    Wow. The black and white bridal shot is so, so stunning. The getting ready silhouette also blew me away. Who am I kidding... the whole post blows me away -- you guys are ridiculously talented.

  14. Shyann

    Beautiful as always!! I love that old train station, how cool! The B&W photo of her is stunning

  15. Tyler Branch

    bringin heat. as always.

  16. Nora

    Awesome as usual!!!! :)

  17. Laurie Peacock

    Killer light and compositions. Rocked it.

  18. mercedes

    These are amazing, gorgeous, lovely, stunning.

  19. Michael Wachniak

    Loving this set guys!

  20. Elissa

    Your work never disappoints. So beautiful... my favorite shot is probably the the couple framed in that garage(?) window.

  21. Albert Palmer

    Great work fellas - I really like the shot of them behind that frame in the wall. Just great!

  22. john benavente

    great stuff lads!

  23. Jason Lloyd

    As always, your coverage blows me away - love this set, especially the graffiti background - every shoot should have one! ;o)

  24. TylerIngram

    Nice job guys! Cool that they had a wedding at Caulfield! Definitely unique place! Also the BeachSide that you refer to, do you mean the Beach House Restaurant at Dundarave? If so, we had our wedding rehearsal there the day before our wedding :) It is an awesome place!

  25. PJ Photos

    dancing photos are so cool...;)))

  26. PJ Photos

    dance baby, dance...i love it..;)

  27. Rhys

    Excellent work as usual, gentlemen.

  28. Caroline

    You guys are something else. This wedding is off da' chain.

  29. Sachin Khona

    Beautifully done fellas. So much goodness in this! Portraits are illa forilla

  30. Josh

    Dope location! Dope shoot! Awesome as always!

  31. Brian

    Killing it again! You guys rocked this wedding. Bravo!

  32. kristy field

    Love the contrast of the locations in this set, one minute coastal sunshine, the next graffitti backdrops!

  33. Lem

    Great photos! Love the how you play around with focus on some of those beach shots. That reception looked like a good time.

  34. Lem

    Lovely wedding! Loved how you played around with the focus on some of the beach shots.

  35. Ieva

    just love it

  36. Daniel Perez

    Sunrise and party are my favs. I love your BW postprocess, low contrasted. Excelent work ¡ You inspire us

  37. Cecily

    Great photos! Where in North Vancouver is the abandoned train station you took photos at? I love it!

  38. jorge Marquez

    I love your photos!!!

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