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Whistler Wedding Photographer // Jenn & Scott

April 25, 2011

This was a destination wedding in Whistler in the truest sense.

Jen, the bride, is from Ontario and Scott, the groom, is from Australia.

They wanted to have the opportunity to ski during the the week of their wedding, so they picked on of the best ski resort towns on earth and headed to Whistler.


Hair - Farfalla in the Crystal Lodge
Planner – Whistler Wedding Planners
Venue – Edgewater Lodge

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Johanna Hietanen

    Those first shots make me want to move to Canada. Then looking at the rest of the photos - I want to get married again. :) Even my cat, who sits on my lap and looks at the screen, agrees and purrs, LOL. Killer photos!

  2. luis godinez

    You guys keeps outdoing yourselves. You guys are a great inspiration to me. :)

  3. Emil

    Love the wide angle shot of the ceremony with the flare coming through. This whole set is strong! Great work!

  4. Leah Muse

    Oh my gosh, those mountain shots are ridiculous. This whole wedding is beautiful.

  5. Amber Hughes

    Awesome work guys - really love the getting ready shots (especially the one where they're high fiving). Well done! :)

  6. Kyle

    Wow... those are some amazing eyes. The photos are pretty nice as well, guys.

  7. Lyn Ismael-Bennett

    Beautiful storytelling. No doubt the couple is very happy!

  8. Jeremy

    You guys rocked it once again! Perfect couple, perfect locations, awesome shots!

  9. Will Kim

    whistler is beautiful! wow these are amazing. you guys killed it!

  10. Jessie Cadenas

    I love the throwing of the pine cone shots!

  11. Alyssa Schroeder

    I LOVE the bw of the couple with their faces together and the ones with the bride looking in the mirror. I love all the Canadian detail shots, mittens, napkins, flags.. Amazing photos!

  12. Kat Braman

    Might be one of my favorite weddings ever! Love Whistler.

  13. Sachin

    A great wedding, beautiful images and well documented fellas.. some truly funky shots in this!

  14. Jenny

    You've outdone yourself again. Love the hint of red a little here and there in the photos.

  15. Jared Tseng

    You guys absolutely nailed this! Fantastic work as always!

  16. Josh Tilton

    Really amazing looking place! Great documentary coverage!

  17. Kathryn

    the parent photo made me cry. so very well done everybody! pure joy!!!

  18. liz caruso

    Wow I love the pics and the set up. Congratualtions you look like a beautiful couple. PS love the nails.... xoxox see you again when you come back to whistler Lizzy

  19. Linda Marshall

    Such wonderful wedding photos and such a wonderful couple and family ... it was a pleasure to help with their celebration ... thank you for bringing all of you family and guests to Whistler!

  20. Sandra Watson

    Really nice photos. Wish I was there.

  21. Lucy Dylan Weddings

    I love the photo of the wedding guests through the window. Great wedding!

  22. Matt Murray Whistler Weddings

    Very nice destination wedding photos. Whistler is a great resort for a winter wedding.

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