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Whistler Wedding Photographer // Rani & Rich

February 7, 2012

We’re planners. Portrait planners, that is.

As we arrived in Whistler, we drove all over the place picking out spots for Richard and Rani’s portraits. We usually put a lot of effort into the portraits on the wedding day, so with the help of our two photographer friends, Brisbane wedding photographer husband and wife team Todd and Alyda, we came up with a strategy.

But here’s the thing about strategies and wedding portraits: The best portraits are the ones that just happen, sans strategy.

Like this one. The sun cooperated perfectly, Rani and Richard were excellent models and everything just fell into place.

So, often strategies just kind of go out the window when we’re actually doing the portraits, no matter how much we plan in advance.

whistler wedding photographer

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Michael Wachniak


  2. Alyda

    Hahaha you guys are the best! Oh and I love the image!!

  3. Wedding Party Favors

    Great photo, congrats to Richard & Rani.

  4. Paul

    Going to Whistler Next year, looking forward to see the full set and what you guys came up with whilst out there. Sure to be as epic as always!

  5. leon luo

    you guys are good planner for wedding business. we learn a lot.

  6. Kellee Walsh

    Yes indeedy, that sun is perfection!


    Casual lines! Nice!

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