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Nordica Photography - Workshop

Nordica Workshop.

Get Real Group Workshops

Our group workshops are intense. Intense as in we deliver a lot of information and share everything that we do with our business. The breakdown of topics is as such:

  • Our Story
  • Photography (a session and our approach)
  • Workflow (processing and administrative)
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Branding and Communication

We pack what we’ve learned with Nordica since 2009 and our masters degrees in marketing into one day (sometimes two).

Upcoming Group Workshops:

Reykjavik, Iceland // Announcement coming

Add Your City 

Think there is enough interest in your city to bring a Get Real group workshop there? Add your city to the list below by clicking the Sign Up link. When we receive ten names on the list, we’ll make it happen.

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Past Get Real Group Workshops:

Stockholm, Sweden // April 6th and 7th 2013
Vancouver, BC, Canada // January 24th 2014
Queenstown, New Zealand // February 18th + 19th 2014
London, England // December 4th, 2012
Stockholm, Sweden // May 22 + 23, 2013
Santiago, Chile // November 7th, 2013




Two-on-One Workshops

Interested in a short curriculum that focuses more on you and your brand than Nordica’s?

We offer various solutions that place Nordica in the consultants seat and we deliver solutions that are intended to catapult your business forward.

Learn more about our various offerings at the Nordica Store by following the links below.

Online Mentoring Program

2-on-1 Workshop Stockholm (in person)

Business Evaluation & Online Consultation

Online Business Evaluation

Want to learn what solution is more custom fit for your needs? Contact us: