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Danelle & Dirk

Taupo, New Zealand

Winter Wedding

A haven of their own

Nestled in the mountains of Taupo, Danelle and Dirk seemed at home.

Some people are fond of beaches, others a city. They found their sanctuary in the forested mountains.

We wanted it to feel like a big family dinner; all cozy and romantic. And to us everyone there was all like family, so it came together perfectly. – Danelle and Dirk

"It is not often you have all your favourite people in one place together, so it was pretty ultimate for us both."
"Our wedding was really just a reflection of the things in life we both like and it surprisingly came together well, as we were pretty relaxed about it all."

Venue: Poronui Lodge

Danelle’s dress is by Rue De Seine and headpiece by Zara.

"One thing we recommend to brides and grooms who are planning their wedding is to pause every 15 minutes of your wedding day and take it all in... then you can treasure the feelings and memories"

Danelle and Dirks wedding is featured on Together Journal, Green Wedding Shoes, Magnolia Rouge, and Casarei (Portugese).