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Abbotsford Wedding Photography // Brittani & Darren

August 30, 2010

Everybody knows somebody from high-school who you know will turn out to be someone special and live an incredible life.

The sort of people who are good-looking, smart, likable and full of potential. These individuals are going to make it, and they’ll find a partner who is equally as special.

Darren and Brittani are exactly those type, and they found one another.

Darren is the kind of guy who was a great athlete, has friends who’ll take bullets for him (but only one according to Darren’s best man – Darren will have to take the second).

Brittani is like some sort of princess and is absolutely stunning.

Both come from parents anyone would be lucky to have and everyone who is in their lives is lucky to have them.

They’re perfect for one another, and they’re the high-school standouts from different lives who found one another. It was meant to be.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Paul Von Rieter

    Holy cow. Now that is a blog post. What an amazing set of images and what a beautiful wedding. You did an unbelievably beautiful job. LOVE IT.

  2. Kat Braman

    you have a new fan of your work. pardon me while I stalk your blog for a while. this post is reeeediculous

  3. Tia Singh

    Killer! Love that tree dividing the girls n boys shot - hard pressed to find a favourite, these might just be your best work ever!

  4. amy karp

    this is the couple portraits!

  5. Csanad

    wow. speechless... this is an absolutely A-class wedding coverage. not only is the couple adorable, and the wedding details awesome, but you did an outstanding job capturing the whole event. hats off...

  6. Lynette J

    What a beautiful set of photos...really just beautiful. I am in love with your processing, so clean, yet stylized. Really great work.

  7. gabe aceves

    this is absolutely phenomenal. gorgeous couple and you did an amazing job capturing the day! added to my blog reader...

  8. Thomas Lester

    Ah.. I've been waiting for the rest of these images. These are fantastic. What a great set of images.

  9. Leo Druker

    Amazing work of telling the story of this wedding in spectacular style! Awesome!

  10. carolbrowne

    Beautiful! So much bokeh. I feel like I was there just seeing these photos. I also love, love, love the rose petals in focus with the bride and groom in the distance. So. Dreamy.

  11. Matto

    I wait for the day when you guys stop outdoing yourselves. But I hope it never comes. Your shots keep getting better and better. Love this one! :)

  12. Jonas (Rasmus Mikael)

    Great work! I love all the smiling faces you captured so well.

  13. pooja

    wow - you are so amazing. there is so much to say about these photos but one thing that struck me is how aligned the mood is of all these photos. i'll definitely be following your work. thanks for sharing.

  14. Eric Kotara

    Fabulous work!!! I love all of it.

  15. Daniel

    Awesome series of shots, great details and emotions caught here. Very well done.

  16. Joey Chandler

    Wow - amazing wedding. Love the getting ready shots. That is one fully stocked fridge. Great work.

  17. Heather

    I love the attention to the guests in the crowd during the day- it makes it feel more like a group celebration! Of course, the bride and groom photographs are stunning as usual. :)

  18. scotty

    holy crap. thats nice. thats a beast of a post.

  19. David Redding

    Holy smokes! Awesome stuff

  20. Andreas Holm

    wow! beautiful!

  21. Jonathan Ivy

    absolutely stunning. Wow, I am truly impressed.

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