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Bali Wedding Photographer // Abby & Albert

March 11, 2013

Ayana Resort & Spa Bali Wedding

It was serendipitous how we were able to meet Abby and Albert in Bali.


How they found us was by pure luck, the fact we were able to fit their session into our trip there was simply good fortune, and the connection Albert has to Vancouver was completely ironic. The world worked in mysterious ways to allow our paths to cross, and spending the day with them topped off a dream-like voyage to Bali.

It was on the last full-day we were there that we spent the day with the two. We first met in Ubud at their resort, and from there drove north to the rice terraces, then south to finish the day at Tegal Wangi Beach.

The flow of our day together was all Abby, and her knowledge of Bali made this all happen. She knew the driver who we used from previous trips, she knew the insane secret beach we visited at sunset, she was familiar with the rice terraces, and overall we were just along for the ride. She weaved us through a culture that is still very foreign to us, and one we cannot wait to revisit.

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Govinda

    FIRST FRAME IS THE BOMB! Shot there a few times, never got something like that!

  2. Antonio

    BOOOM! Wooow it's so intense! I can see true love in their eyes. Antonio from Sardinia

  3. Dominique Shaw

    This is such a beautiful blog post. Absolutely stunning! :) x

  4. Jon S6

    too good guys

  5. Dmitriy Frolov

    This set have something more than cool pictures. Soul. Love. That is what matters.

  6. tobiah

    too good! wow!

  7. Girish

    Beautiful pictures. The sunset ones are brilliant. Look forward for more :)

  8. Matt

    Absolutely perfect.

  9. Masey

    Gobsmacked again lads. Congrats. The happy couple must be stoked!

  10. Melissa

    absolutely stunning!

  11. Amy

    Really stunning. The photos at the beach are incredibly beautiful!

  12. Dale Lempa

    Outstanding, pure compositions. Great simplicity and soft but rich colors.

  13. Sam

    Seriously, just drop dead gorgeous work. I love the photos in the waves.

  14. Sara

    Wonderful pictures! I LOVE the first one!

  15. Bec

    wowzers. These are amazing.

  16. Albert Palmer

    Love that first shot - awesome work!

  17. kong wai

    Amazing!! Love the first photo a lot

  18. Leah Muse

    How are these even real life?

  19. Isabelle

    That first pic is just too dreamy, just amazing. The emotions are so tangible and it goes straight to my heart!

  20. Michael Wachniak

    I honestly don't even know what to say, except holy shit.

  21. Rachael

    There are no words...absolutely stunning!

  22. porter

    seriously you guys? these are ridiculous. that first shot...brain esplodes

  23. Olivier Burnside


  24. Priya Patel

    So beautiful! That first frame and the 6th to last frame are just jaw-dropping.

  25. Caitlin

    Stop it. You guys are just terrible.... and probably should just sell all your gear to me.... *shifty eyes* I'M KIDDING OF COURSE. The first color one of them sitting on the beach is my absolute favorite. I stopped scrolling to stare at it for a few extra seconds. Something I hardly do :) Fant

  26. ryan

    I expect nothing less from you guys. Just stunning through and through.

  27. Tyler

    this is good. very good.

  28. Ashley

    Holy smokes! You couldn't ask for a more breathtaking location! You've captured it beautifully!

  29. Heather Elizabeth

    All I gotta say is when I opened this blog post and saw the first image I said out loud "Holy f*ck". Amazing.

  30. Anton Chia

    Cinematic work, like frames from a movie.

  31. mauronster

    Wonderulllllllll!!! I love this

  32. Andreas

    Damn! So good!

  33. Yolande Marx

    So magical! I love how you capture mood and play with our emotions using light.

  34. Kelsie Taylor

    these are incredible! those locations are to die for.

  35. Zosia

    Nordica does not wait for the right moment, the right moment waits for Nordica.

  36. Dan Ward Wedding Photography

    These locations are actually incredible!! These photos are insanely good! Keep up the amazing work! So jealous!

  37. Chris Renton

    Fantastic photos - you've really made the most of the location and light!

  38. Ian Baker

    Wow, what beautiful images. Stunning work.

  39. Derek Martinez

    Gorgeous wedding! Love all the emotions you captured and your portraits are stunning!

  40. Victor Saidov

    This stuff is incredible. Amazing work!

  41. Gede Aryadi

    I didn't realize to shoot the old woman and mixed with engagement pics is very nice, I'll try to make some :)

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