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Coming Soon // Lisa & Mark

January 24, 2011

Our first wedding of 2011. Full post will follow soon.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. tobiah tayo

    your work never ceases to amaze

  2. Brian Davis

    All these shots look so good! I love the colors you manage to capture. I dig the black and white shot of the bride and that last one makes me smile.

  3. Amanda Piechnik

    SO EXCITED! These are a beautiful taste of what's to come... can't wait to see the rest!

  4. stacey

    what an amazing start to the new year. this is really inspirational and beautiful.

  5. Girish

    This rocks. Look forward for this.

  6. Rachael

    I am wowed! Those last two shots are amazing.

  7. Shari

    That last shot.... speechless!

  8. Vida Carson

    That first image? Mind blowing.

  9. Joshua Gull

    You guys are so good it hurts. First shot blew my mind.

  10. Leah Kua

    Your work is RAD!!

  11. Mark Kalkwarf

    Love the simplicity of your images. The 3rd image has got a very raw natural feel to it. Not something you see every day. Very well done.

  12. gabe aceves

    i love you guys. thats all.

  13. Ashley Gillett

    oh wow. That first image is so grand! Love hte kissing one how the brides nose is smooshed, so passionate. The bridal portrait is moody and great.

  14. Adam Houseman

    Love visiting your blog. The imagery is ALWAYS fresh and unique. Love it.

  15. Leah Muse

    The picture of them running is so whimsical!

  16. Emily Porter

    These are painfully beautiful and inspiring.

  17. Jennifer

    Breathtaking! Love the flurry of feet in the last image.

  18. Eric Yerke

    That last frame is RAW

  19. Ariana Watts

    Wow. absolutely stunning. You have such a simple yet powerful style. i love it.

  20. lindsey

    LOVE these. The first one is beautiful.

  21. Mark

    I may have a bit of a man crush on you guys. Where do you live?? :P

  22. Gemma

    Wow - beautiful work!

  23. Layne

    Beautiful photography. I always thought Lisa was so pretty, and you just made her look better!

  24. otto

    the last frame!!!HUGE YES!!!

  25. Tenielle

    There's an amazing mix there...that 2nd shot left me with a lump in my throat and the last one had me laughing. Beautiful.

  26. David

    Love that first shot. They're all great. But I love that first shot. Love it.

  27. Jared Tseng

    Last shot = awesome!

  28. Louisa Coulthurst

    Fab! The bridal portrait is a stunner!

  29. Heather

    Wonderful! She really draws us in with those eyes.

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