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Gastown Engagement Photography // Jessica & Andrew

September 27, 2010

Engagement photography in Vancouver can be very diverse as far as locations go. If you’ve never been to the city, you will quickly notice how multifaceted the area is within a very small radius.

We prefer the downtown core. It’s an area with all the shapes and architectual structures you would ever need to get creative.

Jessica and Andrew are getting married in 2012. We did photos with them in Gastown a while back.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Rhys

    This is a seriously great set.

  2. scotty

    parking meter win.

  3. sam hurd

    incredible location and you definitely took advantage of it. wonderful compositions

  4. Emily Porter

    You are so great with architecture and lines. Love the shots with the light on the brick wall.

  5. Matto

    Lovely colours, lovely people, lovely feeling - lovely photographers! You make me happy (and envious!) every time I visit :)

  6. Girish

    Beautiful photographs. Lovely tones there. Like the shots in with that 1 light over head. Great backgrounds.

  7. gabe aceves

    you guys are ridiculous. this is awesome.

  8. Steven Elmer

    Way to rock out a car park! Well done :D

  9. Angel Kidwell

    Great example of turning an everyday structure into something extraordinary....incredible.

  10. Dean Govier

    Holy shmokes. Your processing and composition absolutely rocks. Easily one of the nicest sessions i've seen in a while.

  11. Eric Yerke

    You are good. Like really, really good.

  12. suzanne

    The brick wall are my favs... but everything you guys do is always so clean and beautiful! Love it all!

  13. Erin Lassahn

    Love the urban feel to all of these, and you found some great spots to shoot. Really awesome set!

  14. ed peers

    Love the tones... stunning work!

  15. Shella

    Simply gorgeous! WOW!

  16. Alissa


  17. Jessica

    Wow, we love our pictures!! You two did a fantastic job, we are very happy with the outcome. Thanks again, it was great meeting you!

  18. Veronique

    Love the clean look of these against the gritty city scape.

  19. Lisa Novakowski

    Love your location choices! The shots under the lights against the brick wall are my faves!

  20. Heather

    Wonderful use of space and line.

  21. Pascal Grenier

    Wow, great work ! I love the colors the concept and the light in the pictures !

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