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Kamloops Wedding Photography // Jenn & Chad

September 14, 2010

Chad and Jennifer are from 100 Mile House and were married at the South Thompson Inn in Kamloops.

Kamloops is typically a desert around this time of year, but not on this day. It rained and rained and rained.

But, that didn’t matter. The wedding was perfect and it was a fun time for everyone.

During our five minute portrait session, a couple of cows apparently were feeling jovial about the rain and the wedding, and made their way into the story of the day. Moo cows!

Venue // South Thompson Inn

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Mark Parker - Birmingham Wedding Photographer

    Lovely!! Nice use of negative space!! And I love the work with the Tilt-Shift lens!! Amazing job and wonderful wedding!

  2. chico sousa

    Great series. Captured some very memorable moments. Nice work.

  3. Sam Obeid

    Nice body of work you have for this wedding. I really do like that "extra" shots you take to show the enviroment surrounding the weding locations, well done!

  4. april

    wow !

  5. Jared Tseng

    Wow, the word that comes to mind with this set is EPIC! Insanely good, and that's definitely not an understatement!

  6. Dave Davis

    Hilarious cow shots! That has got to be submitted! Great work on this wedding! I love the attention to detail. AWESOME!

  7. Masey

    One of your best fellas... for sure!

  8. Brad Ross Photography

    You got yourself a 1st place WPJA award winner with those cows :) Great work.

  9. Paul Von Rieter

    dood... so good it hurts.

  10. Robb Duncan

    Awesome work, and Go Cows!!

  11. Kyle

    You two are the next big thing. Seriously!

  12. matt shumate

    Composition + moments, mastered. Bravo!

  13. ed peers

    Wow - seriously love your work. Great tones and compositions!

  14. Luis Toledo

    Lovely work. Go moo cows!

  15. Tina

    Wow, I love this wedding! You did a purely amazing job!! I am so blown away!

  16. suzanne

    Your work is always superb. (Omigosh - and those COWS!?!)

  17. Laurie Peacock

    Hilarious with the cows!!! Beautiful wedding.

  18. Thomas Lester

    Ahahahahaha... the cows!!!! OMGosh! That's insane! Great work.

  19. gabe aceves

    yeah this is pretty much amazing. not much else to say.

  20. Matt Stanton

    Breathtaking coverage and you really rock that tilt shift lens!

  21. Laura Burlton

    Wow, these are absolutely stunning! And very charming. wowo wowo wowo. I had never even ben to your site before but you got some talent !

  22. Lotta

    I've been following you guys for almost a year and I most say you are getting better and better. These are really nice shots! Good job! I follow lot's of wedding photographers and you are among my favorites now. Top ten, wohoo! :)

  23. Jessi

    Jacob & Cole - be proud of what you are doing, these memories are going to last forever in the pictures you so thoughtfully take.

  24. Jess-Kampphoto

    A-mazing! Gorgeous! Fantastic job Cole & Jakob! And congratulations to my beautiful cousin Jenn! Hehe! These pics are ridiculous! I know the memories will last a lifetime:)

  25. Joshua Gull

    LOL, unbelievable series of shots with the cows! I can't stop laughing. The rest of the set is absolutely amazing as well. I can't get over how great the pictures of just the two of them together are.

  26. John Cruz

    Great work guys. I love how you got the cows to cooperate with you ;)

  27. Chris Murray

    Awesome photos guys, and I love the series of cow shots, and the look on the bride's face is priceless!

  28. Kat Braman

    those cow shots are unreal and what a gorgeous wedding!

  29. lena

    Helt fantastiska bilder, ni är så himla duktig. Man blir verkligen berörd..

  30. kristi wright

    WOW. Amazing!

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  33. Tenielle

    Your work is brilliantly mastered in every way, composition, moments, expressions, humour, colors and processing....quite breathtaking. I reckon you guys have a pretty amazing ride ahead of yourselves :)

  34. Heather

    Amazing work! I love the bridesmaid's reaction to the dress. Lovely!

  35. Juan Rojo

    Great set! I really like the detail shots and the unconventional composition in some of the images.

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