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September 2, 2013

The moment we got her email, we knew it had to happen. Read below, you’ll understand. And a few months after Sati’s initial email, we were on a road-trip in Paul’s home country, cruising through the amazing landscapes of Norway for yet another unique Document You story.

Paul and I met on the top of a mountain in a small village in Himachal Pradesh, India called Bir. Bir has 1 main road, 4 places to eat, 4 guesthouses, and a few monasteries. It is also one of the world’s best sites for paragliding and where many Buddhists go to study at a place called the Deer Park Institute.

I came there when I suddenly found out a living inspiration of mine—the world’s most senior Western Tibetan Buddhist nun, who among other things meditated and did her practice in a cave for 12 years—was giving teachings for 3 days over Easter. I had no plans to leave Goa where I was at the time, but a strange nagging feeling of discontent led me to check out the Deer Park Institute website.  When I discovered this event was happening and saw images of this small village I started to cry and my heart exploded for a reason I fully did not understand. I knew I had to go to this village. 

So I went. 

I packed up and left my friends and Goa just several days before the teachings in Bir were to begin.

I arrived in Bir exhausted. I must have looked totally wiped. The owner of the hotel took one look at me and told me to rest for a bit and then come back down to fill out the necessary paperwork.

So after crashing out for several hours, I went back downstairs to check-in. During the process the hotel owner’s cellphone rang.

After he completed the call he said to me, “Several paraglider pilots are stranded on the top of Mt. Billing due to an oncoming storm. It is unsafe for them to takeoff. Would you like to drive with me to pick them up?”

So of course, I said, “Sure!” It sounded like yet again, another adventure.

After a beautiful 45-minute drive up Mt. Billing, we reached the summit just as the rain started to fall. I looked out the window to see several guys running towards us. They all jumped into the van. One of them was Paul. 

– Sati

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Sati and Paul’s session in the fjords has been feature on Green Wedding Shoes.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. naomi

    There is something so enigmatic about her. Fantastic pictures, strong and captivating.

  2. mathias

    damn you nordica+dramatic landscapes+rad looking couple. trifecta of awesomeness.

  3. Hannah

    marvelous photos. moody and evocative. frick. so great, nordica.

  4. Tim

    Such beautiful tones and clarity. That last photo is kind of freaking me out, I feel like I'm being hypnotised!

  5. Akhil Singh

    You work is spell bounding and it continues to inspire me and i'm sure other photographers around the world as well. If you are ever in India, do let me know. The "CHAI" ( Indian Tea ) is on me :)). Regards Akhil

  6. Nev

    Shyeeeit. You done it again.

  7. Maureen Du Preez

    These are incredible. What a stunning location. You really have the most beautiful work. :)

  8. Thomas Steibl

    amazing session. freaking awesome.

  9. David

    Great work. Again!

  10. Emily

    I love these and their story so much. Just beautiful.

  11. Jack Chauvel

    Gosh I love these. Those frames when they are on the rocks by the water are wicked.

  12. Katya Nova

    These images are amazing and the story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you - Rob & I just made plans to decompress in Bir after our Rishikesh teacher training this December...

  13. Kismet

    I can imagine Bir doing magical things like that. Lovely story and lovely photos as always!

  14. Tiffany

    I know both Paul & Sati and the journey they've embarked on since they met. These pictures brought such joy to my heart!! Thank you for capturing what words can't.

  15. James

    You guys need to change the name of Document You to Epic Fables. So good.

  16. Lukasz

    amazing! love visiting your blog!

  17. ryan flynn

    yup, basically speechless.

  18. Heath

    so good, love the scenery.

  19. Nick

    So good guys. Amazing work as usual. I loved the way you captured the portraits.

  20. Girish

    Gorgeous as always! truly wonderful. I like how you add in the landscape element to all your photographs rather than just photographing the couple close up. Works wonders with such stunning backgrounds.

  21. ed peers

    My jaw just hit the floor.

  22. Wedding Photography Adelaide

    such evocative storyteling - love it

  23. Venues

    Heavenly photos. Quite interesting.

  24. Venues

    Beyond Imagination stills. Cannot help coming back again and again. Awe struck.

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