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Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer // Meagan & Chad

August 4, 2010

Don’t celebrate the attainment of the summit, celebrate the style of the climb

You know the kind of days when the ground smells of a freshly beaten rain? That’s how it smelled on Meagan and Chad’s wedding due to the flash showers that pounded the Mayan Riviera resort, near Cancun in Mexico.

The situation was as such: No rain for the ceremony (thankfully), but monsoon right after our five minute portrait session with the bride and the groom (not so thankfully).

So our situation at that point was very straightforward. The weather wasn’t cooperative: figure it out. The lighting wasn’t mint: figure it out. We couldn’t see a thing through our cameras because they were covered in water: figure it out.

The style of this climb was seeing the actions of the group when that rain storm hit. You can’t predict or plan those types of moments, and those were the moments we’ll remember from this wedding.

Meagan and Chad’s Mexico wedding was featured on Destination Inspirations.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Tia Singh

    Those are some VERY good looking people! ALL of them!! Awww tears in the crowd .. so sweet. Awesome beach shots!

  2. Merle

    I love your style of photography, the pictures tell a beautiful story!

  3. ken kienow

    uh...dude. these are amazing. i'm loving your processing and strong compositions.

  4. eric mack

    Really great set here. LOTS of pictures!!! You did a great job, venue looked amazing

  5. Philip Boudreau

    What a great set of images. You captured the day perfectly! This is actually the same resort where my sister got married last year!

  6. jessi

    Good God, are these people models? This must have been a photographing pleasure, the pictures are amazing, what a stunning couple!

  7. Darko Sikman

    The location looks stunning, all the people at the wedding look beautiful and your photographs are absolutely magical!!!

  8. Tenielle

    Your story-telling is sublime, beautiful couple....LOVE the shot of them straight on, surrounded by the palms. Wonderful job!

  9. Jason Lloyd

    An awesome set of pictures, the two mirrors shot is super cool and the TV one!

  10. Carey Nash

    What can I say but a wonderful beach wedding.. Love the shots in the trees and flowers, not to mention the BW shots near the water. Great wedding!

  11. Gina

    Absolutely stunning from beginning to end! Brilliant work!

  12. Shella

    I likey muchie! Everything about this set is gorgeous! :)

  13. Jared Tseng

    These photos are perfect, just perfect. Everything from the composition to the processing and lighting. WOW! Really excellent work.

  14. Alex Singh

    This is amazing work. They must be very happy with them. Congrats to everyone!

  15. Heather

    When I saw the shot of the bride with the green behind her (and the two black and white shots following that), I just had to stop and stare. Breathtaking!

  16. Shyann

    Amazing work!! :) Love them all especially the portraits on the beach!

  17. Joakim

    You guys really know how to catch the moments in a wedding. This really blow me away.

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