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Tofino Wedding Photographer // Emily & Dan

February 25, 2014

“Our wedding is going to be very intimate, and semi-formal. There will be 20 people including us. I’ll probably cary our son down the isle and he’ll probably run and scream through the whole thing, but we’re ok with that.” – Emily

Emily and Dan’s wedding at Long Beach Lodge in Tofino was stripped down to what was important to them: A great location with family and friends. It was perfect.


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Emily and Dan’s wedding is featured on You May French Kiss The Bride.

By Cole & Jakob  

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    magical post ! magical photos!

  2. Katya NOVA

    juicy yumminess... you guys are making us miss tofino so much! xoxo

  3. Jon usual


  4. Matt Somerville Photography

    Love Tofino and love these shots, especially the shot from behind of the B&G walking hand in hand towards the ocean. Nailed it.

  5. emma

    So beautiful!

  6. Justyna

    Absolutely beautiful! Well done!

  7. Pretty Days

    Incredible Wedding and Incredible work :)

  8. fernanda

    Couldn´t be more perfect!!!!!! this pictures make me wanna get married right now and bring you both to Chile!!!!

  9. Erika Gerdemark

    God. I love this.

  10. cinzia

    omg! this couple is super rad! beautiful photos as always...

  11. Michael O'Sullivan

    What an awesome looking wedding, you captured it beautifully. i love the the last image in Black and White. well done.

  12. Jim

    This is the stuff of legend, I approve most heartedly fellas.

  13. Jason Mark Harris

    Stunning work.

  14. michelle

    stunning.. the way you put together the story is incredible

  15. Sarah

    Beautiful Shots

  16. Zosia

    Those portrait photos are all epic! Amazing stuff as always, guys! Super like!

  17. Nikki

    Emily and Dan your pictures gave me goose bumps! So gorgeous!!!

  18. Amanda

    I love you. And them. And this. The bride in the trees with the light is so amazing.

  19. Jenna

    Wow. These pictures are so stunning I don't even have words to describe. Such emotion and intelligence behind them. A serious art form. Beautiful couple.

  20. ACT

    Magnifique! Bravo!

  21. Nisha Ravji

    Especially love the sunrise swim, killer as always you guys

  22. Martino - Studio Boda

    Wonderful work. I just discovered your website and got caught for the beauty of the pictures. This story is wonderfully told. Thumbs up! :-)

  23. Steve Fuller

    awesome work guys!

  24. Emilie


  25. Damian Burcher

    Great set. Love the one of the dad and his son with the hair dryer. The one of the bride at the bottom of the stairs with her dad! in the background looks like something out of a model shoot. Really love the starburst effect on the couple portrait in the woods.

  26. Albert Palmer

    Lovely beach wedding - beautifully captured!

  27. Becca Dilley

    That last one with her son on the road. What a lovely story telling single moment, and I love how it plays into the whole arc of the day. Beautiful work, as always!

  28. Jessica Schilling

    Seriously beautiful and moving. I got all emotional at the shot of the baby's hand during the ring exchange. So powerful.

  29. Sinereh Soleimani

    Oh that last image...beautiful story-telling

  30. Ale Marques

    You are just the best in telling a wedding by the story way. Love this!

  31. Shahriar

    Amazing as always.

  32. Darin Collison

    Did I say, "Awwww..." when I saw the signing pic? Maybe. A little one. Also, killer wedding. Lovely work.

  33. Joseph Hall

    How refreshing - LOVED it. Great people, fantastic wedding - I can feel the love a whole continent away! Fabulous photos.

  34. Jonathan David

    Magical. Light is freaking amazing! Love it!

  35. Sonia Jansson

    Lovely set for a wedding. Beautiful couple. Really beautiful couple!

  36. kong wai

    Amazing. I love your work

  37. Priya Patel

    Amazing work as always. Especially love the image of the couple in the woods with the sunlight filtering through the trees. Phenomenal shot!

  38. Isabelle

    Awwww, love weddings like this and the last image is just SO darn amazing. The story and imagery is a perfect fit to this couple. Like two peas in a pod! Love!

  39. Thomas Steibl

    Amazing wedding preparations ;) You did an awesome job guys. Love this wedding.

  40. Ksenia

    Incredibly stylish! Love portraits

  41. Tomasz Wagner

    Love it when a couple decides to do exactly what they want; bonus when it's an intimate event. Great work, mates.

  42. Jack Chauvel

    Awesome dudes.

  43. Adriano Mazzocchetti


  44. Deambulando pela net | Éter WeddingÉter Wedding

    […] […]

  45. Véronique so lovely moments

    Whaou ! This light is so amazing ! Love all !

  46. Sergio Studio Bodas

    Nice work and light!, congratulation!

  47. Lauren

    I love these so much! Such a beautiful use of light.

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