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Vancouver Headshots // Anna

January 11, 2011

Anna is from Vladivostok and now lives in Vancouver. She needed headshots so we went for a walk around Gastown.

While weddings is our main business and where we devote almost all of our attention, we do headshots quite frequently.

So if you are in the Lower Mainland, you’re looking for headshots, and like our work, feel free to contact us.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Ali Walker

    These are stunning.

  2. Tall

    These look awesome. Well done.

  3. Natalie

    Lovely portraits! Just amazing!

  4. Karen

    These are gorgeous. I love your use of light.

  5. Mark

    Wow. Simply stunning. Should be in a magazine!!

  6. Joe Sanfilippo

    Absolutely goregous!

  7. Paul Von Rieter

    STOP IT! seriously, you guys seem to just crank out more awesome stuff post after post. Straight up beautiful.

  8. Kyle

    Those first two rocked my world. I love the black and white tones and the lighting is perfect!

  9. Matthew Mead

    These could easily grace that pages of vogue, awesome work.

  10. Marie

    What great shots, you have really captured those eyes.

  11. Kristi Wright

    Stunning!!! The first two b&w shots are incredible - love her intensity and your lighting is so dramatic.

  12. Darko

    The usual Nordica awesomeness. Great work guys.

  13. Heather

    STUNNING lighting. Awesome work.

  14. Kellee

    Wow, she is stunning! Great work.

  15. Matthew Evans

    Very moody, love it!

  16. chavvon smith

    Wonderful black & whites!! Great job.

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