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YVR Engagement Photography // Lisa & Mark

January 16, 2011

YVR Airport in Vancouver probably wouldn’t be the first place you’d think of for an engagement session.

But when the weather is miserable outside, creative alternatives are warmly welcomed.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Alice Mathieson

    Well done! Very creative location!

  2. Becca Dilley

    Wow, great idea and really well done. I want to know what that little reflective circle thing is!

  3. Derek & Anna

    Awesome shoot guys! Great use of a location!

  4. Brittany

    Um. Ya. K. Wow. Love the creativity.

  5. Jean Mazac

    Your work is so unique and artistic. Just beautiful!

  6. Natalie Gibbs

    What a creative location choice! You rocked these. I'm still trying to figure out how the ones with the little circles worked.

  7. Nessa K

    I'm such a Nordica fangirl. These are just brilliant.

  8. Cole & Jakob

    @Becca Diley and @Natalie Gibbs // The 'circles' were shot through a backwards telescope...

  9. Lloyd Barnes

    Cool idea for a location - great shots!

  10. Dean Govier

    You guys kill every session. Very creative angles and the couple look super relaxed!

  11. Fotografia Åšubna

    Very creative session in very simple place.

  12. sam hurd

    incredible as usual!

  13. Nikole

    Love this whole session. I feel better about always wanting to take photos at the airport - I always worried about security giving me a hassle.

  14. Matthew Evans

    Very creative, bold and fun! Awesome and inspiring set.

  15. Kyle

    OMG, this is my DREAM session! How did you get permission to photograph here? Love all the creative uses of lines...

  16. Amish

    Great session + Great location! I've been meaning to shoot here for years now as the place is full of great gems to shoot in as you've clearly discovered.

  17. Kat Braman

    your obsession with lines and symmetry makes me really happy :) the telescope photos are too cool.

  18. Brian Kraft

    The airport-- of course! ;-) Amazing stuff. Telescope- excellent. Great use of the setting. Also loved the silhouetting ones. Great work!

  19. Johanna Hietanen

    Another amazing set! The location just kills me. So creative and inspiring!

  20. Thomas Lester

    What a cool idea to shoot at the airport. I'm with Kat. Your compositions and use of lines and patterns is awesome.

  21. April

    love the shots with the holes in the bellies. Great imagination!!!

  22. Teresa K

    What a wonderful and CREATIVE session...I know you were in heaven doing this...and you really killed it!!

  23. Joshua Gull

    The shots in the middle I'm still trying to figure out. You guys are just too damn good. Insane vision and talent. Great work as per the usual.

  24. Nirav

    Insanity. Love the concept and brilliantly executed. Compositions are excellent!

  25. Timothy Kaldas

    Dude, these are epic. The shots of them on the escalator are amazing. The silhouette in front of the map is perfect. There's so much going on here in terms of composition. I'm really impressed. Great use of the airport's architecture and I am completely baffled by these shots with a whole in them. They're so cool but I don't understand how you got them.

  26. Cole & Jakob

    @Joshua Gull & Timothy Kaldas // The ones with the holes in the middle were taken through a telescope that was turned backwards.

  27. Paul Rowland

    Wow. I think that's about as creative as one can get with an engagement session. That's such a cool idea for a location.

  28. Az

    Seriously blown away by these. What an amazing location to shoot in too. Love the negative space, and all the lines and humour.

  29. gabe aceves

    this is too awesome. ive come to expect nothing less. amazing images friends.

  30. ayesha

    um. beyond awesome. SO inspiring... epic indeed. this set showcases everything i love about your work. and omg, she has such a gorgeous smile! they look so happy :) you don't lose your subjects in the carefulness/creativity of your compositions... that takes major skillz, AND rapport with your subjects. again, epic!

  31. Linda

    There is something romantic and magical about airports. You captured those sentiments!

  32. Adam Houseman

    Oh wow. There are so many wonderful captures in there. I especially love the one in the phone booth with all the passerby's. This session rocks.

  33. Matt Stanton

    Wonderful. I adore your work, composition and use of surroundings is first class.

  34. Hamish Jordan

    Love the compositions guys, great work!

  35. Heather

    That eighth one down is a show stopper. What a perfect smile!!

  36. François Bergeron

    I love the streets shots!

  37. Fotograf lublin

    Just beautiful!

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