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Nordica Photography.
Barn Wedding Vancouver // Meg & Adam

Couple’s often ask us about general ideas and thoughts for their weddings.

And our answer is pretty much always the same. We’re definitely no experts on weddings per se, but we’ve been to a few by now, and there’s one thing we’ve picked up on: The more real you keep it, the better.

Don’t put in a big effort just to be someone you’re not for a day.

Make your wedding who you are instead. Whoever that is. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to have a rad wedding, as long as the effort is there and you’re being real to yourself.

We’re not sure whether we actually had this discussion with Meg and Adam, but a wedding doesn’t get more real than theirs.

Adam has worked the main part of his life at the farm where the ceremony was held, he proposed to Meg on a berry field nearby, and they basically live inside the reception barn. Well, they don’t, but very close.

Meg and Adam knew exactly what kind of wedding they wanted. They made it their own and it’s pretty safe to say that every single person in that barn had one helluva good night. Mason jars and all.

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Meg and Adam’s barn wedding was featured on Rock My WeddingSash and Satin Weddings and Vintage Honeymoon (Swedish).

Vendors for Meg and Adam’s wedding on Pinterest.

Nordica Photography

Date & location

October 31, 2011

Westham Island, Canada

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  2. Jenny - Really freakin' awesome!   
  3. Casey - I like what you wrote about "being real." I say that to others too. Sometimes I wonder what a wedding would be like if there was no wedding dress, no tuxedo, and no fancy venue. Just family, friends, and the couple. I'd imagine people would be their most genuine selves.   
  4. Elissa - Oh my goodness, your work is always always amazing.   
  5. Emily Porter - this whole post = win. amazing set, as always!   
  6. Zosia - That shot of the blurred lights through the cracked and splintered wood? Just amazing! Love your work :)   
  7. Jonny - This couple looks like so much fun, you did a great job capturing that!   
  8. michele bowman - i love everything about this wedding. so much emotion and so much love. you guys always make me smile.   
  9. PJ Photos - again ;-)))   
  10. alyda - I actually shook my head a few times while looking at this wedding. simply amazing. so real & fun.   
  11. Girish - Absolutely fantastic. What a beautiful coverage of a wedding. I specially like the indoor pictures from the couple shoot inside the barn to the end. Very nice way of the party is on :) Great work.   
  12. Mike - Freaking-fantastic, as always. Awesome work guys.   
  13. Caroline - You guys are insane. The gun shot shot?? Spectacular. Your bridal party group shots? Brilliant. I love you.   
  14. Chelsey - This is such a great wedding. I really enjoyed looking through it. Especially love the shot of the bride showing off her ring. Such a cool perspective on that!   
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  16. Stephen Rotondo - Woah! Great set! And that guy has a gun. Honestly though, from the getting ready stuff through to the dancing, you've got it all.   
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  51. Meghan & Adam: A Beautiful Barn Wedding | The Blog by Fairy Godmother Weddings - [...] A huge kudos to Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography for capturing this wedding with such beauty and detail. All images used in this post can be found on their blog. [...]   
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