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Nordica Photography.
Document You // Leah & MacKenzie

Skype chats, phone calls, and cafe sit-downs are a rarity when we book weddings. It’s almost always done in emails, and booking Leah and MacKenzie’s upcoming Rocky Mountain wedding was no different.

Doing business this way is rare, and maybe a bit odd, but that’s how we roll. It’s not like we don’t enjoy meeting couples – we definitely do – but for whatever reason that is the Nordica way.

So when the opportunity comes about to meet couples, we jump at it. In Leah and MacKenzie’s case, meeting them meant an 8 hour drive from Vancouver to Golden to do their Document You session.

Just outside Golden is a cabin that MacKenzie built, and this is where the two of them go when they need a weekend retreat from where they live in Alberta. When they get there, it’s all about ripping through the mountains on four-wheelers, finding new spots for campfires, and just exploring. Not bad.

Driving 8 hours – each way – to do this session with them might be a bit excessive. Let’s be honest, it’s far. But when Leah and MacKenzie described the cabin and how this is such a part of their lifestyle, it had to be done. This is exactly what the Document You sessions are all about.

When the session was finished, after 4 hours of moderately extreme quading through mountains and rivers, we were chatting in the parking lot. We had just met a few hours earlier, and before that I had no idea what they looked like, what they did for a living, or anything else. We agreed booking a wedding photographer this way was odd, but it felt very Nordica. We exchanged hugs, the experience was over, and the next time we’ll cross paths will be at their wedding this summer in Kananaskis Country.


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Leah and MacKenzie’s Document You session was featured on Mountainside Bride.

Nordica Photography

Date & location

May 14, 2013

Golden, British Columbia

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  4. Katie - I hope you had a beer or two as well ;)   
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  12. Nicola Thompson - I love this stuff its so amazing- really beautiful   
  13. Dmitriy Frolov - Lovely couple :)   
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  20. Kellee Walsh - Brilliant session. Such an incredible location!! I love the way you've photographed it.   
  21. sam - really superb images and a great insight into their lives. also, i'm a bit jealous of where they live   
  22. ed peers - Now that's a whole new level of epic.   
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  29. Joanna - You've captured their life and their love perfectly. I just love every frame and that location...amazing!! So good.   
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