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Nordica Photography.
Iceland Wedding Photography // Annika & Doug


We’ve put brides and grooms in a lot of odd spots for portraits.

Allies that smelled like dead bodies, precarious cliffs, glaciers, the middle of deserts, pot fields, and on and on. When we took Annika and Doug away for their portraits at 1AM during a rainstorm in Iceland, that situation really took the cake.

Their wedding was at Hotel Budir, Iceland, located in the western region of the Snaefellsnes peninsula. It’s an isolated place about two hours north of Reykjavik. To have a destination wedding in Iceland is rare as it is, but adding this location to the story made this wedding that much more unique.

All in all, we photographed Annika and Doug’s wedding non-stop for about 16 hours. If it would have been 30 hours, we would have had no problems. We didn’t want it to end.

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Annika and Doug’s wedding in Iceland was featured in Style Me Pretty, Mr Wolf Magazine, and Brides Without Borders.

Nordica Photography

Date & location

July 25, 2011

Snæfellsnes, Western Iceland

  1. benj haisch - unreal. such gorgeous scenery, venues, photos, and people. amazing.   
  2. Rhys - Spectacular. Well done guys.   
  3. Anna - Badaboom! Amazing work guys, just amazing!   
  4. Johanna - Legen... wair for it... DARY!   
  5. Kip Beelman - You guys are so good it makes my brain cry.   
  6. Andreas Holm - Amazing guys!!!   
  7. Tyler - wow.   
  8. Tanja - My new favourite wedding! WOW!   
  9. Poser - There are some absolutely spectacular images in here guys. SO well done.   
  10. Josh Tilton - There is something surreal and very special about this wedding. Amazing work guys!   
  11. Thanos - Great work guys, I love the way you think ! Clean images, creative and structured at the same time, solid till the end, you have my respect !   
  12. David MacVicar - After spending my time in Iceland, it is a dream to shoot a wedding there. These are fantastic !   
  13. kmh - amazing work guys. Its so cool to see Budir from other photographer's eyes.   
  14. jeff ambrose - well covered. bravo.   
  15. gabe aceves - amazing. you guys killed it my friends.   
  16. magnus - really, i mean really, great work!   
  17. masey - Incredible fellas! What an experience for them AND for you!!   
  18. jessi - there r no words u guys.. amazing isn´t even close enough nor any swedish word. i hope u enjoyed it and im pretty sure there will be loads of destination wedding to come. keep up the awesome work!! :)   
  19. Jakub Majewski - Jacob / Cole you are a great inspiration! Amazing photos! Well done guys!   
  20. Fabio Lugaro - You may have just outdone yourselves with this one. What an incredible set!   
  21. Caroline Ghetes - Prolly my favorite wedding photos of all time. You guys killed it. Like whoah.   
  22. Ryan MacDonald - love love this. Super job.   
  23. todd hunter mcgaw - yesssssssss! beautiful to watch :)   
  24. alyda - I want to marry these photos and live happily ever after.   
  25. ryan flynn - absolutely insane. i love ... everything.   
  26. Natalie Champa Jennings - You guys are amazing. Completely elegant, creative and inspirational. I look forward to your posts, but this takes the cake so far. Cheers :)   
  27. Ryan Brenizer - Really intensely good.   
  28. David Robertson - flippin incredible guys. those portraits are AMAZING   
  29. Girish - One word - Stunning. What a beautiful place to be. Love the shots in the beginning giving us the layout of such an amazing place. The shots when they get ready, too good. Nicely done. Love the shots of the bridal party having fun. Crazy fun over all I guess looking at the pictures. Like it all. So very inspiring. You have a great style. Well done.   
  30. Sachin - Awesome! Love the shot of the heel on the dance floor.. Super cool!   
  31. Jessica Lund - My favourite wedding of yours! Awesome! I Love it!!!! Good work!   
  32. Mimmi Bergenstam - Wow! Georgeous pictures! You took my breath away ;)   
  33. Tobiah - Wow, it's insane how amazing these photos are! So inspirational   
  34. David Schreiner - Very classy. Dig your minimalistic shooting style. Really nice job and very well covered.   
  35. Sonia Jansson - oh! this just made my day, (and it's my birthday). You guys are so talented!   
  36. Matilda Christensen - Wow there are no more words...than stunning and amazing!   
  37. john benavente - you guys rock!   
  38. Camilla - SÃ¥. Jäkla. Snyggt.   
  39. Fer Juaristi - Another league mi friends.   
  40. Nirav - Dudes... you kill me. Amazing work yet again.   
  41. Eric Yerke - Seriously incredible.   
  42. Michael Wachniak - dudes....I am blown away.... very well done   
  43. Blake Burton - now that looks like a celebration!   
  44. Korinna - Me and DH also got married at that church, by the same priest. Our reception was at lovely Langaholt ( but we spent our wedding night at Hótel Búðir. We have been married for a little more than 3 years now and these pictures did make me feel those butterflies again. Wow. What an amazing place. An amazing day. An amazing husband i have. I wish you all the best. Love and Peace.   
  45. Ã…smund Holien Mo - Duuudes! Fantastisk bra!   
  46. Daniel - Awesome, congrats   
  47. ed peers - Frickin' unreal. This is nuts. Nuts. Storytelling is second to none... Nuts.   
  48. Brian Davis - Really guys have a gift.   
  49. Brian Kraft - Unreal. UNREAL!!   
  50. Lisa - GORGEOUS!!! This may be the first collection of wedding photos I've seen that I liked as much as (or maybe even more than???) mine. I'm still in love with ours though... :) Thanks again guys!!   
  51. Lyn Ismael-Bennett - I'd like to visit Iceland one day. You've captured the landscape and the atmosphere so beautifully. Well done!   
  52. gabe aceves - holy hell guys. i cant even remember if i commented on this already or not. amazing, ridiculous, bananas. too good.   
  53. Cassie Rose - This? Is incredible. I love everything about it. What a church! Beautiful, beautiful work.   
  54. Becca Dilley - Seriously, how did you get the sheep to cooperate for this photo? It is like everything just came together to make this set of images amazing.   
  55. Albert Palmer - One of the best weddings I've seen this year. I understand the gravity of that statement, but this is you guys on top form.   
  56. ALMA - WOOOOOOOOOOOOW..and what everyone said!   
  57. Mary Sylvia - Knock it off. Seriously. If every wedding keeps getting better you guys are going to be covered in stardust soon.   
  58. Daniel - Holy smokes, guys! This is crazy good. The reception shots are sooo killer!   
  59. James Christianson - Killer! I love the tones in your black and whites. How do you do that!?   
  60. ayesha - jeez... how the hell do you guys DO this??? you blow me away. that might be the coolest dress shot ever. but this is also one of the coolest weddings ever. trash the... groomsmen? AWESOME. the sense of place is so powerful - the bride and groom portraits, out by the mountain and in the little chapel - are absolutely breathtaking. i want to go to iceland :(   
  61. Nessa K - Every wedding looks like a beautiful, amazing, wonderful, love-filled party. I can't express how much I love these.   
  62. Dustin Hall - These photos are so amazingly beautiful that it feels like this whole wedding was a staged photoshoot. You did an amazing job capturing all of these moments in a single day, I will be looking back at this post many times I'm sure. WOW!!!   
  63. Dan - OMG. I just keep scrolling and squealing with delight. These are phenomenal!   
  64. mark carey - These are indeed amazing. I love your gentle processing and framing. Jealous of your talen! Sheep and everything!   
  65. Jerry - Great wife and I just returned from a two week visit to friends in Hafnarfjordur and we traveled in the same area where the wedding was located. It was incredibly beautiful, as were the many other areas we visited. The diversity and the beauty of the country is captivating and it as geologically active as any place you will visit. Deland, FL, USA   
  66. Anton Chia - Very nice black and whites and elegant tones. I love every picture. Thumbs up!   
  67. fran - unbelievably beautiful wedding yet again ... your work is beyond stunning with it's storytelling   
  68. Matt Heyn - Very beautiful ceremony and well documented. Very vivid.   
  69. Ári Árasson - These pictures are simply outstanding... so much love and hope in the air. Epic landscapes, simply the best. Congrats.   
  70. daniel chesnut - you guys take really good photography's   
  71. lukasz bak - beauty!   
  72. Matthew Evans - Another jaw dropping performance! What an amazing part of the world.   
  73. Rik Pennington - Superbly captured! Having just photographed a Hindu wedding I can vouch for how much fun they are (as well as a hell of a lot of work!). Well done guys, great stuff.... again...   
  74. Anja - Woah, your work is awesome! I can't believe I never came across your website before (found you through SWPB)... I'm a little jealous you got to photograph a wedding in iceland. You really did an amazing job here!   
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