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Nordica Photography.
Mehndi Ceremony Vancouver

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Rishima’s Mehndi ceremony was a first for us. Aside from a few Google searches and Youtube clips that gave us an overview of what we might expect, we’d never seen anything like this.

But what a peaceful and beautiful way to do things. We went to Rishima’s (the bride to be) home out in Richmond, and there was a real family vibe going on. Incredibly spicy, heart-burn inducing food, great tunes, the bride’s family, the groom’s family and, of course, the amazing Mehndi art that was going on made entire experience awesome to be there for.

So, our first Mehndi experience. First of many we’re hoping.

Nordica Photography

Date & location

April 4, 2011

  1. Nessa K - Honestly, that's the most beautiful henna art I've ever seen and I've never seen it photographed quite like this andddd I love it.   
  2. Tia Sparkles Singh - Very cool!   
  3. Ryan Brenizer - I love that henna, especially how the detail emerges into a portrait. Fantastic framing and scene-setting as always; you're always thinking outside the box and I love it, such as with the afro'ed portait with the symmetrical OOF girls.   
  4. Jessica Schilling - Nessa's right - that's some of the most amazing henna work ever, and you captured it really beautifully!   
  5. Kelsey - This is so beautiful. The henna art is amazing and the way in which you captured every detail is exquisite.   
  6. Lisa Novakowski - LOVE your perspective on the henna... very unique and original and beautiful. Stunning work, and STUNNING henna art too!   
  7. sam hurd - wow, talk about details. love your perspectives... for real.   
  8. Nirav - Ma peeps! Represent. Guys, this is phenomenal work. Love those compositions!   
  9. April - wow !   
  10. Shella - Absolutely love these!! What a henna artist too - gorgeous!   
  11. Amber Hughes - Love these - the moments and angles are beautiful. Great work guys!   
  13. Heather - This looks like an AMAZING wedding! I love the photo with the hands & all the different henna!   
  14. Catherine Ann - these are gorgeous! The details in the henna art are amazing!   
  15. Zak - Very thoughtful photography. I love how detailed of a story you're able to tell with images. Really strong work.   
  16. Andria Lindquist - OMG love these you guys. so unique. i am shooting one in november and this gets me so so excited. great emotions you got. her skin is so beautiful.   
  17. Paul Rowland - Gorgeous. Love them all.   
  18. Harvard - Once again, insanely beautiful. Love the shots with the balconies.   
  19. Leah Muse - You are amazing. Even the first picture blows my mind. Beautiful shots!   
  20. Brian Davis - Super beautiful. Love the compositions and the intricate details. You guys rock.   
  21. tobiah tayo - Your work never ceases to amaze me. Wonderful composition in every shot!   
  22. Drew W - Congrats on your guys first Indian wedding. Very sweet captures of the day!   
  23. Poser - Wow man, you guys did a fantastic job. Don't you just love these weddings? And damn that Mendhi artist was sick!!   
  24. Fer Juaristi - guys, perfection.   
  25. Heather - These are fabulous! Thank you for sharing, I've never seen how this process works before. Well done!   
  26. A colourful cross-cultural real wedding {Part 1} - [...] of Nordica Photography, who said about the day "We were prepared for a big cultural mix from the Mehndi ceremony a couple of days earlier, but it was even more than we expected. There was a lot of family from [...]