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Document You // Lisa & Ryan

February 4, 2013

The morning of Lisa and Ryan’s wedding, we were eating breakfast at the West Coast Wilderness Lodge, located along British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. The lodge was rented out almost exclusively for the wedding, so everyone around was with the wedding party. Not knowing anyone, we just minded our own business.

Then a woman approached our table. She introduced herself as one of the parents of the wedding couple, and said we had to meet someone. We agreed, and walked over to an older man who was staring at us intently. The woman introduced the man as being Ryan’s grandfather.

He shook our hands, and thanked us. Then the woman thanked us. Then a few more people – all relatives of Lisa and Ryan – also thanked us. What they were thanking us for was the Document You photos of Lisa and Ryan, and how the sailboat was the prominent feature of the session. It turned out the boat was built by hand in 1978 by Ryan’s grandfather and very meaningful to the whole family. 

All we knew up until the wedding was that Lisa and Ryan liked to sail together. The sailboat was an irreplaceable character in their lives, and how they wanted to remember an important part of their lives years down the road.

We’ll post their Sunshine Coast wedding later, but for now, here’s how we spent an evening together sailing around Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet.

[audio:|titles=Dreams Today]

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Erin K Wilson

    Cool story. Cool session. Cool couple. And oh yeah, cool photogs. Nice work, as always. Can't wait to see the wedding pics.

  2. Jason

    Love this you guys. So beautiful. And especially wonderful paired with some Efterklang. :)

  3. lokeroos

    Lookin´good as always!

  4. Mercedes

    You made their story more beautiful!

  5. Matt Long

    Great stuff guys, love these sessions.

  6. megan noonan

    So romantic!

  7. MARK

    beautiful work, amazing light, great story

  8. lydia {ever ours}

    so. damn. good. i come here always to enjoy your guys' work, but also to enjoy the soundtracks you pick for each post.

  9. Mattias

    How much did you guys have to "think on your feet" during this session :-) Great pictures anyway!

  10. Joseph West

    and you guys killed always. beautiful story.

  11. Veronica Varos

    Swoon. What a romantic evening you captured. I adore each and every shot. The lighting is superb, the views are stunning, the couple is adorable - just perfection.

  12. ryan flynn

    wild, i've never seen this side of vancouver. beautiful work!

  13. Natalie Champa Jennings

    Total rockstars. Definitely a captivating collection...again! I particularly like the large portrait of Lisa.

  14. Jakub

    Superb photography fellas!

  15. Chelsey Somohano

    Holy wow, you two. That black and white shot of them walking away holding hands is kind of blowing my mind. Amazing amazing job as always! I just want to get married so you can shoot my wedding already!

  16. Dale Lempa

    You are a master of light.

  17. ed peers

    Crazy, in a very very good way.

  18. Sarah

    Absolutely stunning as usual, what an amazing picture of their life.

  19. Leah Muse

    These are so beautiful and strong.

  20. Derek Martinez

    Such an incredible session and gorgeous work as always!

  21. Jessica Schilling

    So beautiful and personal. These must mean so much to them.

  22. Mathias Cederholm

    Excellent! Always nice when you can capture something that is important to the family, whether knowing it or not...

  23. Blu Studio Photography

    Very dramatic edit, well done!

  24. Darin Collison

    Quite simply gorgeous. Freakin amazing use of light.

  25. Stephen Shefrin Photography

    Great set... I love the idea behind these session especially.

  26. Stefan Hellberg

    wow, great stuff. This really makes me miss my home town. There is nothing better than living by the sea.

  27. Amy

    The whole shoot has such a beautiful warm atmosphere.

  28. mike

    you keep raising the bar. dig the b/ws.

  29. neda blake

    Longing for sun, beach and total relaxation - many of those captured right here : )

  30. Rob

    Such a cool shoot guys. Love that evening light!

  31. Michael

    absolutely stunning , I've gotta make sure I have a boat to take out before I get engaged..

  32. Eugenia Iskra

    U've got a really amazing & special view on what u're seeing around! Keep up showing it us! :)

  33. Luke

    again.... this is insane :) in a good way lol!! Amazing work, great people and the views... R E S P E C T ! :)

  34. Mike Clark

    That bird in flight... seriously good stuff.

  35. Wedding Photography Cornwall

    Absolutely incredible! Blessed with some amazing light! They will love these photos!

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