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February 20, 2012

Let’s be honest: You need to be crazy-tough to want to have a wedding in Edmonton in January.

And even tougher to do your wedding portraits outside for a few hours.

Ashley and Andrew are a Edmonton wedding photographer husband-wife team, so they knew what to expect when they planned their wedding for January. There were little surprises when it was -50 °C with the windchill, but at least it wasn’t raining.


By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Paul Rowland

    It's not that you get to shoot under amazing conditions / locations...but your pictures are flat out amazing. Gorgeous work as always. Those power line shots are so cool.

  2. Mike

    It's so clean. I don't know how you guys do it, but props. The shot of the full wedding party at the altar is something out of a film.

  3. Kat Braman

    this is extraordinary

  4. Heather

    They are so stinking adorable!!

  5. alexbee

    she is a trooper! love the shots with the powerlines

  6. John Bello

    Sweet set guys! The bride and groom were a couple of troopers.

  7. porter

    gahh, this is gorgeous. i cant get over how beautiful those portraits are, especially the electric tower shot. and oh my gosh the bride, homegirl is a CHAMP!!

  8. Leah Muse

    ....and it was worth it! Beautiful.

  9. /mariahedengren

    Beautifully documented, fantastic images, and what an awesome day!

  10. Derek Christie

    Awesome. No other words. Ok, a few more. I know it may have been cold but the interior shots have a great warmth and intimacy. The half length shots go the couple at the bottom of the frame and the same group shot is inspired!

  11. Sonal

    Beautiful!! Looking at these photos makes me feel like I was there!

  12. Girish

    Fantastic shots. Kudos to the couple for the courage to go out in the snow and cold. Brilliant pictures over all.

  13. chad

    you guys are so solid. this was sick.

  14. Nora

    Seriously great stuff here. Love all the great moments captured.

  15. Andy Gaines

    Great work as ever guys - hope you packed your gloves!

  16. Antonio

    I saw so many previews of this wedding in your blog, that I feel like I was there. Great job, very emotional! You're inspiring me everyday.

  17. tim

    Powerlines! Love the space in this set.. beautiful

  18. Jacek lovely Radunc

    wonderful, stunning, unbelievable, unbeatable! adore your photography :)

  19. Fredric

    Very nice work! as expected...

  20. Chinmay Patel

    The whole day looks amazing, snow wedding... isn't that what people dream about?. the portraits are so good

  21. Anne Marie Carson

    The entire post is amazing - but the black and white image of the couple standing in between the two power line towers is art. Seriously, you guys are awesome.

  22. Andreas Holm

    Lovely work guys!!

  23. Brian Furbush

    You guys killed it again - beautifully shot.

  24. Mercedes

    i've run out of things to say. You guys just keep slaying these weddings. I absolutely love all the fun little moments you captured.

  25. ALMA

    Amazingly great guys..!!!

  26. Rafa Ibanez

    Great coverage. Loved the portraits.

  27. Javier Abad

    Woderfull!!! Love it!!

  28. Zosia

    I love you guys!

  29. Sonia Jansson

    Oh! my God! I loooove this!

  30. ryan flynn

    man, that portrait in the parking garage is incredible. love the lines.

  31. Ryan Brenizer

    Fantastic. How did they spend that much time outside in -50 without, you know, dropping dead?

  32. Bundaberg Wedding Photographer

    I love a bride with style, and this bride certainly has it. In abundance!!! Love the mustard jacket, but most of all love the snow and that guest's tattoo!!! Gorgeous wedding. Love from Australia!

  33. alyda

    when I get married again (either to Todd or David Bowie) you guys are fully going to be the photographers. man you're good!

  34. Denver Wedding Photographers

    The first outdoor portrait session is beautiful! I love the colors of this post too! Great work!

  35. Derek

    Beautiful wedding and love all the emotions you captured!

  36. Belle

    This is so adorable and lovely. You guys are absolutely stunning, what a fairy tale day. :)

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