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Sabrina & James

February 27, 2012

Stanley Park Wedding Photo

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Nessa K

    I have so much love for this photo. So much. <3

  2. isaiah

    ok this is cool :)

  3. Sam Gibson

    Yup, what Nessa said :) I like how the trees are holding hands too.

  4. ed peers


  5. Kat Braman

    +1 Nessa

  6. Mike


  7. ryan southen

    perfectly composed. i really love the feel of the shot.

  8. Sachin Khona


  9. Johanna

    Nessa +million.

  10. Heather

    WOW this is incredible!!

  11. Brian Furbush

    This just rules. Such a sick shot.

  12. Agnes

    This is perfection.

  13. Lisa Novakowski

    WOW. Love love this!

  14. Fredric

    Nailed it!

  15. Bradford


  16. Michael Wachniak

    Amazing detail. I love how everything is silhouetted but still flows without getting blocked up. Tons of points on the composition and bonus points for making the bride and groom create the initial of my first name. (and if there was a reflection somewhere, my LAST name too!) :)

  17. alyda

    you must have a good camera ;). but seriously this is amazing!

  18. Dennis

    Great composition. Stunner!

  19. Hellberg Photography | Click it :)

    Great stuff guys! Is that cropped or did you invest in a medium format camera? Thanks for a great blog. //Stefan Hellberg

  20. Amber Wilkie

    Gorgeous. The muted colors are nice.

  21. Paul Krol

    looks great!

  22. gee


  23. geneoh

    Love this shot dudes.

  24. ALMA

    Too good!

  25. Max

    You guys have to stop making all the rest of us look bad! LOL Stunning pic

  26. Nikki Bezel

    Everything about this frame is perfect. Stunning work as usual.

  27. Shyann


  28. Paul Von Rieter

    stop being so good already. =P

  29. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    Gorgeous shot!! Just perfection!

  30. gabe aceves

    damn dudes.

  31. Luis Godinez

    i <3 u guys. u guys are amazing.

  32. Derek

    Love this!!

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