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February 11, 2010

Now we’re cooking with oil, folks! You can smell the Olympic buzz everywhere you look in Vancouver these days, and this is an exciting time for us for sure. Things going on constantly and we feel very fortunate to be in the city for the Games.

Now lets be sort of clear here: We take pictures of people! We like to think of ourselves as Vancouver Wedding Photographers, portfolio photographers and event photographers. Basically our photography is people.That in mind, our next month is going to be very busy capturing pictures of people. So, here is a breakdown about where you can find our photos of da’peeps throughout February.

BC Business Magazine | Throughout February, we will be contributing photo essays for BC Business Magazine’s website. We have two up there so far, and they’re looking pretty skookum!

Blenz Coffee Shop – Metro News | We have been asked to contribute our stuff throughout the Games to a joint effort that this international newspaper and coffee franchise is putting forth. You can check out their website at , you may see our stuff in the Blenz Coffee Shops, Blenz own business blog, and of course the daily publication that Metro News puts out. Hallelujah!

Faces of The Games | This is our little baby that we’ve been doing throughout the past few weeks and into March. A picture of a face each day that connects to the Olympics! It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s exactly the type of photobloggging we like to do: Pictures of People.

Hearts For Haiti Charity Fundraiser | We were approached by a lovely lass named Amber to donate a few of our pictures for a auction, so we did it without a second thought! Once we met her though and heard more about the event, we decided to do live photoblogging at the event as well. In a nutshell, the charity art auction is on March 6th and is at the Pacific Palisades on Robson Street. The tickets are only $25, you get some food and a bevy (there is a bar), there’s a live jazz band and it’s going to be a fun night. Buy your tickets folks, it’s going to be a humdinger! Here’s the Hearts for Haiti website.

Wedding Loft | This is a pretty damn cool opportunity: We’ve been asked to be guest bloggers on this very established North America wedding website. We’ll be posting stuff up on their site and we’ll be doing our best to give advice to soon-to-be-married couples about photography and da’biddness of wedding photography. Should be fun!

So those are our little projects right now. We’ve also got pictures in a few newspapers (The Independent is a cool one!) and once we have links, we’ll poppem up eh.

But! Let’s not get sidetracked here! It’s business as usual, and here are few things that we just wanted to remind you pretty folks about.

Social Media Photography Packages | This little diddy is our attempt to combine awesome photography and social media. Basically, these packages are $300 and what you get out of it is a photography shoot with the two of us, a customized Twitter background and web-friendly images. So, take a second to think of your online image and if you think it can be improved, we’re your guys! Click here to learn more.

Valentine’s Day Couple Shoots and Breast Cancer Fundraiser | For a ridiculously reasonable price, you can give the gift of photography to your loved one or close friend this Valentine’s Day. Basically, we’re teaming up with the 100 Mile Angels to raise some money for Breast Cancer Research and give couples some kickass pictures together. This’ll be going on throughout the month, so email us if you’re interested! Click here to learn more.

Weddings | Getting married? We’ve still got loads of room if you haven’t booked your wedding photographer yet. Basically our affordable packages get you endless coverage at your wedding (so as early as you want until as late as you want) and two shooters (we both will be taking pictures at your special day). We think that’s a hell of a good deal, but of course that’s up to you! Send us an email to inquire if your date is still available, and let’s maker happen eh! Click here to check out our stuff.

Our Own Sites! | Yeah folks, we blog too eh on our own personal sites. Pretty much these sites are our own way to keep our sanity, so we just keeper personal, post pics, and fire up random stuff. Here’s Jakob’s and here’s Cole’s.

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By Cole & Jakob  

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